Oh. My. God. 

Can Dara get any more gorgeous?! T_T Just when I think that she can’t get any more prettier or jaw-droppingly perfect, she proves me wrong. T_T I love the dress on her! The all-black outfit definitely drew out the golden hue of her hair even more (Which is styled to perfection, with it being down and just curled), and her skin, ghad  her skin! BUT the best thing about these pictures is that Dara’s smile never wavered! Her smile lights up her face and makes you want to smile when you look at her. TT__TT








Her legs, dammnnnnn her toned legs.. And her ‘come hither’ look.  TT__TT /dies again



More glorious pics of our gorgeous, beautiful, smiling goddess after the cut! ❤









2013090315101842285_1 201309031527776923_522581c3ad50a














Sources: Naver and Nate News Hosts

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: 130903 Press Pictures of Absolutely Gorgeous, Dazzling Sandara Park at KBS Korea Broadcast Awards" (32)

  1. Oh my Dara is so pretty….en her skin is so just flawless..:)

  2. Are we allowed to post/encourage other daralings to vote for Dara? Example http://mwave.interest.me/star/poll/vote.m?poll_seq=155
    just curious..

  3. Do you guys notice something… That her smile is so different this time… She smile and it reflect thru her eyes… It shows that she is really happy nowadays… Is she more inspired by her BF or there’s something happen that makes her shine and glow like this… Do you guys agree with me?

  4. Klein Holle said:


  5. Klein Holloe said:

    good ❤

  6. who needs lightsticks really, just wave her pic about and there you go… i’m also thinking, i should stick these pics on the walls of my room to save on electricity.. dara dara bright dara…

    • Krook, you make me laugh, so creative but so true…dara dara bright dara! need to save money on my electricity too! hahaha

      Reading all the comments from you makes me proud to be in this fandom of Daralings who adore her beauty but recognizes she is so much more. We will continue to be there to celebrate and support our Angel on this rollercoaster ride.

  7. i can’t help but look at her birthmark.. she hates it but i think everybody else loves it..

  8. no more space in drive :C/ already full of dara pictures..

  9. the goddesss….. sooooo pretty

  10. anita_linda10 said:

    Dara’s smile is like an assurance. An assurance that everything will be alright. So when you’re feeling down, just take a look at Dara’s gorgeousness and bright smile and everything will be rainbows and unicorns again… Dara..whose beauty comes from within will always be Daralings’ very own Human Lightstick and our own version of Dara Vitamin

  11. ohdara… you’d think after a gazillion of your gorgeous photos and pics that we’ve seen to date we would no longer be surprised and overwhelmed by your beauty BUT, we’re so wrong. that’s what beauty that comes from within does to me and i guess for everybody else here too. ohdara… you beautiful soul, we’re all enthralled by you …

  12. Dara the Goddess of beauty!

  13. Why are u doing this to us DARAA!???!!next time warn us before u show the world ur awesomeness!k?im dying now!!!@_@

  14. Gaahh!! Dara Glorious Dara!! Her radiant captivating smile I miss that~ <333
    She looks healthy and our Goddess really GLOWS! kkk


  16. melovesDee said:

    dang girl!! love your hair. your eyes. your smile. so pretty!
    it’s good to see that she’s not so skinny now. she looks so healthy.

  17. Then there goes dara reminding us, yet again that life isn’t fair…

  18. daramaegon said:

    drool!!! wow just wow!! perfection is the term for her beauty,,,

  19. I’ve been observing the photos,is she wearing a stockings,a pantyhose for that matter? Sorry just curious…still she’s sexy and pretty…

  20. Wow.. she smiles in every pic!! So pretty!!

  21. she’s very beautiful..the ageless beauty of dara…dara shines bright like a diamond..

  22. she’s glowing!~~~love ya unnie!~~~<3

  23. How can u not love her??? I mean, look, just look at her. She makes u smile just looking at her. She’s so precious!

  24. This time ,the limelight is in favor on DARA…everything is to her advantage,the hair,makeup,dress,even the color black…even the camera is on her…who knows? The cameraman has a great crush on her…a round of applause for a job well done…

  25. My beautiful Dara!

  26. all i can say i wow! and OMG! truly goddess

  27. So beautiful…

  28. Barbienarcida said:

    She is more prettier than barbie…..

  29. Barbienarcida said:

    Omg…is she real…definitely the most beautiful person on earth….

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