And here is their performance! Our girls did an awesome job and gave their all for their performance, as always! ^_^ Good job getting the crowd hyped up as the opening act! ❤

Credits: @NOKIOv

Comments on: "Video: 130903 2NE1’s Awesome “Do You Love Me” Performance at KBS Korean Broadcast Awards" (12)

  1. How come this post is always pinned at the top? It could get confusing for site visitors who are looking for new updates.

  2. Old photos of dara..
    Complete photo here.

  3. Wanna see old photos of dara..

  4. Stella Marris said:

    when is the release of their next single? until now there is no news about it 😦

  5. ~Out of topic here~ it was Teachers Day… and my students gave gifts and 2ne1 picture cards with heartfelt words written on it… it was so cute that that they know my quirky side… then they danced and sang short version of “I Don’t Care” after the giving the gifts… for kids who were unfamiliar to kpop but to make such efforts, I’m putting them at the top of my Children Day list…
    Of course my colleagues think I’m weird seeing me gushing all over the place… 😛

  6. their performance is awesome…love their outfits & if any of them is out of key this only proves that they are singing live,isnt it?

  7. I just love this no matter what love there black outpit it suit theme will Dara she so pretty.

  8. I like Dara. I really do. But this time I have to be honest, she really had some note problems in this performance. I know its tough to sing while dancing, (I tried that before, it really is not easy) but I do believe those things can be improved. I watched hundreds of 2ne1 performances and that really is her down fall. She got waaay better in dancing in their comeback this year, I hope she does better with the singing too the next time.

    BTW, she still sounded great on acoustic and/or mellow arrangements 🙂

  9. ahh!! its from nokio she is awesome have to thank her again ^^

  10. video removed. =(

  11. 2.47 is that one of the guys that dara kissed during their new evolution tour?

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