Seriously!!! How beautiful can she be? I even think “beautiful” doesn’t even do her justice! I don’t know what to say!!! 

GUISE!!! I don’t know what to say! T______T

Let us all please spazz together and help me come up with words to describe this perfection!


Credit: Clubclio

Comments on: "Video: Sexy, Alluring, Seductive, Absolutely Gorgeous Dara for CLIO’s Newest Product, “Lipnicure” Making Film" (11)

  1. angel's wings said:

    the most beautiful living creature ever created… no words can ever describe dara’s perfection… i soooo love her look… =)

  2. i love it!!!!!!! iwanted to see more…

  3. Sandara Stark said:

    Dara’s beauty is really classic. Like the Grecian goddess of yore. It’s the kind of beauty that never goes out of style. The kind only the elegant and the noble will recognize as epitome: natural, subtle, and refine. It never draws attention to itself but exudes a lingering effect.

  4. She is such a vampire! So beautiful & flawless. I also want to buy the LIpnicure, hope I can find one where I’m living at.

  5. AlohaDara said:

    for me, Dara is the most beautiful woman in Korea and the world. I love these new CLIO adds because you can see her natural beauty. For most women and now men, makeup is a way to hide the many imperfection on the persons face. But for Dara the make up is a accessory like a pretty dress or new purse. Her make up just accentuates the beauty that is already there. Spazzing with you Oh Dara!

  6. I hope they released a cf in television,,,pls clio share her beauty to others,,,not only in youtube,,,

  7. radulińa said:

    !!!!!! omfg sexy, perfect, beautiful dara… i really love the last one guilty pink.. she looks so sexy. that color suits her..

  8. I feel you, admin-nim. Can’t find the words to describe her perfection. Gaaaah! Sandara Park, you’ll be the death of us.

    I really love CLIO for making this happen. Seeing a mature side of Dara in endorsements is something I’ve been praying for so long. haha! Now, it has come true.

    Hope to see more awesome and amazing Dara + CLIO collabs. ^^ Or even better, more more product endorsements for Dara!

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