OH MY!!!! How can I ever do justice to this photo?

After such a long time, CLIO has a new Fall/Winter Campaign of our Goddess Dara with black hair and red lips! Oh my! How can we ever get over this photo?

After missing Dara for a few days, we are not bombarded with so much awesomeness! 

One thing is for sure, I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS CAMPAIGN!!!

Sandara Park Reverse Charm, Allure Sexiness VS. Delicate Innocent Beauty


Comments on: "Photo: Stunning Goddess Dara for CLIO F/W AD Photoshoot" (29)

  1. I have no words just wooowww..Dara so pretty no matter what..!!aim so happy..she look so sexy..hehe..


  3. Dara is a beautiful woman inside and out. She deserves someone who’ll respect and love her like the way she’s ought to be.

  4. i want dee faces in screen w/ her red lipstick!! very gorgous and her baby faces !!
    she even doesn’t getting order!!
    (figthtting~~~ sandy~~kaya mo yan)
    my idol since 2004~~till now,
    fine Mr:lelf i mean Mr: rigth~~~~SANDYz~~

  5. anita_linda10 said:

    the many faces of DARA. She effortlessly exudes a sophisticated and classy aura. Imagine watching her in a movie or drama like this….woooaaahhhh – cinematography at its finest

  6. ,Hehe,,actually it’s not my first time to post here,,,I think 10x,,i dnt remember anymore,,I’m just a silent lurker here who came here evryday,,anyway I’m a big fan of dara since her debut in the philippines,became a fan of 2ne1 because of her,I hpe i can be friends with u all…

  7. OMG :))) She looks so beautiful! I cannot wait for this and I’m in love with the second photo, our Goddess is showing some skin >_< Omg :)))
    Thank you Clio!

  8. Okay, so Dara left SNS for a bit and these glamorous, jaw-dropping comes out in perfect timing! Oh god, so stunning.

    Stunner Dara!

  9. Stunning Goddess ❤ Hope CLIO can release a new cf

  10. Love it. MS. DEE

  11. Random Blackjack said:

    And here I was complaining that Etude has been keeping update with their new models and Clio hasn’t. I hope they release a CF soon.

  12. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed the first pic. OMG!!! she’s so so BEAUTIFUL!!! It great to see DEE likes this once in awhile.

  13. Dara soooo sexxxxyyyyy

  14. So sekshi!!

  15. sulli does”nt has a beautiful eyes!!
    but dee “oh my ” stunning baby♥♡♥
    aplode a lot this is new !!

  16. Gorgeous…Sophisticated…Classy…Stunning…this is what you called Less is Beautiful…Simple yet sophisticated

  17. gorgeous…….

  18. Comparing this pictorial with sulli’s from etude.,this one’s way too classy..sorry etude but u just lost a priced gem when u let go of our goddess…:p

    • come on be thankful that dara isnt with etude any longer or we wont see this side of dara. even cute dara is irresistable but this dara what we have been long for. she act her age now but it still look young.

  19. About dang time :3 She looks hawt!

  20. i hope clio will make a cf for this…I’m they will sell big time,,,,pls clio…we want cf pls…
    by the way..hello everyone…nice to meet u all

  21. darafanboy said:


  22. Oh my!!! Black hair/clothes with red lips…wahhhh super gorgeous!!!

  23. her hair are wig is this real or edit photo!!!
    she s” beautiful^^^^♥♥♥

  24. OMG!!! SO beautiful and classy!!!!! She looks amazing!!

  25. wow the goddess is finally back 🙂

  26. Finally!!! And with that gorgeous black hair!

  27. Wow! Dara is Really Stunning! Gorgeous, thank you CLIO ^^ *chu

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