I swear! I did screencaps of every single frame of 2NE1’s MV and I must say, our girls are NOT synchronized dancers at all! ^^ But with that said, I think its part of their charm. 

Their hands are different, their body positions are different… LMAO! ^_^

2NE1---FALLING-IN-LOVE-M-V[www.savevid.com] 5356

2NE1---FALLING-IN-LOVE-M-V[www.savevid.com] 0159

2NE1---FALLING-IN-LOVE-M-V[www.savevid.com] 0941

Click the link below for more screencaps!

Comments on: "Caps: Gorgeous 2NE1 in “Falling in Love” Music Video" (8)

  1. redstilleto said:

    While “Falling in Love” is making an all-kill on music charts; with that awesomeness, Dara us making an all-kill too (on all his fanboys and fangirls)! Ke ke ke!

  2. I think they intentionally were not required to be in sync to retain that feel of a reggae song being relax, cool and fun. To be so perfectly in sync would take all that away and will lose the sense of summer. In “I Am The Best”, they were in sync in the dance steps because it is somehow a futuristic concept, and strong, hence the synchronicity.

  3. I agree too that that’s part of their charm and why I came to love them in the
    first place. Love seeing them smiling so much in this video.

  4. Mollycoddle said:

    I actually like that they are at times (or most of the time) perfectly unsynchronized! There’s plenty of robotic synchronization in kpop anyway. It’s the same for bigbang – you’ve got two very different, almost unlikely groups of people coming together. But give them time and they mould so perfectly with one another yet retaining their individual and distinct personalities and colour.

  5. The first thing I noticed was they were not in sync! But that’s okay. I agree that it’s part of their charm. 🙂

    • Sunrise Angel said:

      Well,They’re not typical korean group, they’re YG!!YG=master of copycat!!
      P.S: They look like korean version of Spice girls. Hey YG, please stop being copycat!!(spice girls,nicki minaj,beyonce,rihanna,lady gaga, JB,kanye west, Lil wayne,JT,Neyo,Chris brown,LMFAO)….I can see it in their style/music/mv……next thing YG will copying other american singers…wtf…Get an original idea already, YG!!!ugh

  6. i think…their concept in this MV…is just to have fun….and it really shows…..i really need a dance version of this….LOL

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