Ooohhh, Masahiro Nakajima probably was the stylist that worked with Dara for her Dazed&Confused Korea photoshoot.. ^_^




He also worked with Dara for Zipper and Maquia! Wow, how lucky is her, to be working with Dara taht much? Kekeke! And of course, Dara is also lucky to be working with a classy and awesome stylist as him. ^_^




Source: Masahiro Nakajima Instagram 

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Instagram: Stylist Masahiro Nakajima Uploads Dara’s Different Magazine Photoshoots" (6)

  1. Sunrise Angel said:

    Elle= beauty, elegant, sophisticated style<3333
    Dazed and Confused= Strange style….-_-;;
    Santokki has a cute baby face<3but….The outfits are just too big and baggy for her!!!Geesh, is that they best they can do?!ugh

  2. nHurs89 said:

    #1and 4 is nice 2!!!! dara has a strong charm and charismatic about photoshop,,,
    she can be swag rather than sexy!!!
    i hope if they gonna doing a MV dara is wearing a white dress or gaon,,,or she will be appear in youngbae new MV~~~kekeke
    but i dont she will approve it again like b4…
    (just hoping if gonna b true)

    • like-d-bartender said:

      I hope you mean photoshoot not photoshop. Photoshop is for retouching and effects but Dara must get interesting shots from the good photographer first which she is very good at, be styled with awesome stylists and the editor will finalize it and the result should be fantastic.

  3. She is really well-styled! Esp. in the first three photos. I hope they get to work together on more photoshoots! Even music videos!

    와타씨 노 스타일!

  4. nHurs89 said:

    i thougth dara# is the one wearing a bikini in left side,,,,,,,hohohoho!!!!!

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