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Instagram: Stylist Masahiro Nakajima Uploads Dara’s Different Magazine Photoshoots

Ooohhh, Masahiro Nakajima probably was the stylist that worked with Dara for her Dazed&Confused Korea photoshoot.. ^_^




He also worked with Dara for Zipper and Maquia! Wow, how lucky is her, to be working with Dara taht much? Kekeke! And of course, Dara is also lucky to be working with a classy and awesome stylist as him. ^_^




Source: Masahiro Nakajima Instagram 

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Scans: HQ Scans of Edgy, Fierce, Fashionable Dara for DazedandConfused Korea, July Issue

I am crying from the feels.. T_T This photoshoot does indeed show another side of Dara that we have heretofore never seen before.. And I am loving it! I love her expressions in all the photos, whether she is looking straight at the camera or away from it. She emanates such a strong sense of power and vulnerability at turns. She is able to convey different “feels” so freaking well! So proud of my baby girl! ❤ /claps claps claps

This is a summer issue, but Dara is wearing thick jackets and caps (save for one pic) in the shots. Keke! But Dara proves that you can be sexy and classy while being fully dressed. ^_^




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