Awwww Dara~ I’m sure you will find your ideal guy soon, who would hold your hands and love you eternally. ❤ For the mean time, please accept me and be my wife. Kekeke! 😛



DARA: Darong, reporting in from the play. The play was really fun! Nothing too heavy +.+ Although this isn’t the first fun play I’ve watched, I think the interesting thing with “Happiness” is that it’s a play that would make would make lovers want to hold hands and love each other even more as they watch it ^^ But why am I here watching, very much single? ㅋ


Source: @krungy21
Translated by: SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara/OhDara

Comments on: "Twitter/Photo: Darong Reporting In From The Play – “The play was really fun!”" (4)

  1. oh, , my, , Dara’s hand so small. I Think she should eat more. O.o

  2. loving you said:

    ohohhhh Dara is very much single ke ke ke…i think that picture was taken last day or could tell by her tshirt that she wore with jungnim in a restaurant where she was taken while eating….i think they are preparing for their comerback. i could feel the ke ke….as Bom said they are recharging individually in places that we cant see. let just wait.. may be they will do it as a suprise..aja aja

  3. Life of a dara fan….forever waiting for a DARAdrama to come…lol…dara is just everywhere these days….I’m really hoping she’s preparing for something…/2ne1 is preparing for their comeback..

  4. hmm ~maybe dara will have a drama/preparing or something, you know~ anyways i’m looking forward to their comeback (^–^) 2ne1 Hwaiting!

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