OMG!!!! KYEOPTA!!! ^_^ So cute and adorable! Dara, can I keep you in my closet too?!?!

[CL][2NE1] CL이 옷을 갈아입는 동안, 다라는 뭘하고 놀까요?? 내일 일요일 SBS 인기가요 ‘나쁜 기집애’ 본방사수 해주실거죠?

Tags: 난여왕벌! 주인공! 럭비공! 혼자놀기의 달인 다라, 사랑스러운 영상을 놓치지마세요!! ^^

“While CL was changing clothes, Dara said ‘what shall we play?'” Tomorrow Sunday, you’re going to the live broadcast of ‘나쁜 기집애’ on SBS Inkigayo right?” 

Tags: I’m a queen bee, heroine, rugby ball. Master of playing alone – Dara, don’t miss this adorable video! ^^

In the video, Dara is saying:

I’m a queen bee! A heroine, rugby ball! Unnie unnie unnie”

Translated by: @siJONESSAni

Video ripped by: @Elliee_Belliee

Comments on: "Me2Video: YG On Air Uploads a Cute Video of Dara Supporting CL – “What shall we play?”" (16)

  1. this unnie is the best!! kkk I love my dorky darong! >3<

  2. Sansandara said:

    Dara is so cute Unnie Unnie surprisingly she fit in the closet but I can’t brelieve she’s 29 Overall she is my biased after Cl.👉👈😋

  3. VipBlackjack187 said:

    Unnie unnie unnie..Unniee aahh! Ohmoo kkkkkkk..really brighten my nite watching this vid, you did fit in that tiny closet LOL!! Be happy unnie>.<V. CL Fighting for tomorrow Live broadcast @ SBS Inkigayo!!^^

  4. she’s so ADARABLE!!!! ❤

  5. BWAHAHAHAHAHAH! Dara’s soooo cute in that closet! She’s dorky and funny and a very beautiful one.

  6. Omg!!!! So funny… I laughed so hard, i love her even more now >.<

  7. OMG……………. i cant describe how cute is this. i love you dara.

  8. alili21 said:

    How can this woman be 29 and still look adorable? Hyper unnie! 🙂

  9. ommo, she is so supportive. Cl is so lucky to have her as unnie…And dara..i love the old playful you in 2ne1 tv.

  10. Adorable KrungKrung!! And she really did fit in that narrow locker! Hahaha…

  11. YangWaltz said:

    ad0rable Dara..sooo cute.supportive unnie too.

  12. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is why Dara is the best♥

  13. Haha….darong ur so hyper krungkrung as ever….so funny and cute

  14. omg! She can really fit well in a closet and its so cute,ehehe

  15. Ohmighaaad!! Somebody give her her meds! She’s being hyperactive again! Ppalliiii!!! ~~~ lol XD unnie ~ kyeopta!!!

  16. Soooo adorkable!!! I love you Dee! I miss you!!!

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