GD teasing Dara again, and Dara getting back at him. Kekeke! I can’t with these two! Talking about these things suggestively. Seriously! O_O But GD is such a bully! Tainting his innocent noona. LOL


DARA: SNL is known to be fun these days…. Apparently MBLAQ is coming out today!!! As soon as I heard the news, I SMS-ed Thunder that noona will watch it^^ But!!!! Thunder said that I don’t have to watch it because the jokes are Rated-R! But!!! Rated-R? Our Maknae.. ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke

G-DRAGON: That’s how kids usually grow up

DARA: Are you~~ all grown up?!?~~~ (◎_◎;) ㅋㅋ

G-DRAGON: Nuna it’s me (don’t you know me)

DARA: Oh right~ it’s you! It’s time for you to sleep kid!  Good night!!! ^_~

G-DRAGON: Don’t be embarrassed (A/N: There are different trans that came out such as “Don’t be upset,” “Don’t panic,” Don’t be shocked” but some translators had the same “Don’t be embarrassed” one. ^^)

DARA: What do you mean “embarrassed”!!! ㅡㅡ+++ *yawns*~ I’m sleepy so bye………


Source: @krungy21 + @IBGDRGN
Translated by: @2ne1bbmania + @kristinekwak + @BIGBANGGisVIP

Comments on: "Twitter: Dara and GD Talks R-19 ~ “That’s How Kids Usually Grow Up”" (28)

  1. Dear,

    I just wanted to show you what a great wonder my friends made me recently. Just take a look

    Warmest, Joey Voss

  2. BJ4life said:


    “Most Baby Faced 2013” =

    “Queen of Kpop 2013” =

    she’s leading both categories lets continue that!! 🙂

  3. ......secret said:

    omg…..I just watched some of the snl episode……it must have been so awkward for dara to watch thunder’s skits since some of them were very suggestive…..

  4. CarlaHearts2ne1 said:

    admin sorry but I’m sure you meant taunting? lol “tainting” just sort of brought all the wrong images in my mind hahaha aigooo!!

  5. aigooo…this two really…kekeke…they’re convo is cute…:))) it only shows how close they are as friends. ^^

  6. Reblogged this on edherei.

  7. kekeke I love witty Dara!!

  8. just finished watching,.. it was hilarious..
    kekekee. these two.. so cute.. argg.. cant they be together? XD

  9. kekekekekekekekekkekekekekekekeke

  10. i love it when those two are having such this little conversation >_<

  11. Just a thought though, Dara seems to have the upper hand with her friendship with GD seeing how she always (or most of the time) pwned him. On the other hand, Luis always outwit Dara. Haha. It’s nice to have good friends, neh? 🙂

  12. wahaha.. they are really cute..olways teasing each other like taeyang olways teasing dara ..right? lovlovelove .

  13. Lol at Dara calling GD a Kid! XD Lmao, but if you’ll look at most of this “Kid’s” insta likes, he sure is a perverted one! Mwehehe XD

  14. This convo really goes to show that they’re really good friends. With GD always teasing Dara and all. 😉

  15. HAHAHAHA…oh gosh…i cant..these two…haha…their convos are freakin funny… gd’s not a kid anymore?hahahaha…

  16. Sigh… These two..

  17. dabanana06 said:

    Haha their convo is so funny, its good to see that they are really good friends

  18. Gd must prove he is a man and no longer a boy kekeke….

  19. the convo made my day. it’s hilarious.

  20. They’re so funny and cute. I think GD was teasing her not to be embarrassed coz it seems like Dara doesn’t want to prolong this R-19 convo so she just told him to go to sleep. kkk

  21. im frigging laughing at this late…

  22. I love how hilarious they’re convo always is, just like Dara’s convo with Luis. It shows that they’re good friends. And I really love Dara’s witty replies.

  23. GD will sing “she killed my ego~~~~”

  24. Funny convo!!! Haha

  25. tsktsk thats right dara~ you cotrol the kid!

  26. i was really laughing about this convo of them….it was fun and cute

  27. tatatata :P said:

    cute 🙂 GD seems to be all grown up already T_T

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