Oh my, so casual yet chic! Love, love, love her fashion! She’s got the plaid thing going on for her, with her accessories going towards red.. ❤ And if I am not mistaken, that Kiiroitori stuffed toy she’s holding is from a Japanese fan. ^_^

BKSQxTuCEAE4C1q.jpg large






Source: @OMG_SANDAR @littlestone_

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: 130515 Casual-Chic Dara at Gimpo Airport Returning from Japan" (9)

  1. so pretty!!! ❤ she looks like Eugene of SES on the 3rd pix, both gorgeous and baby face. 🙂

  2. pretty as usual. really unnie, why are you this cute! i can’t even >///<

  3. dara welcome home….your so pretty even in a simple get up.

  4. nice! a loose black tank plaidbshirt jeans and red fedora…casual and comfortable yet put together well…love daras fashion!

  5. daragonfevah said:

    I wonder how many of those stuffed kiiroitori dara has now..

  6. I so love this casual look on dara…casual with a point…lol I dont know what I’m saying…anyway…can we have now a DARADRAMA….we’ve all been waiting for this…and I think this is the time for this…

  7. i want more pics….. she’s pretty and chic as always….:) i’m curios about her bag…. i like it…:)

  8. CHIC AND FLAWLESS!!! T^T love her style! doesn’t need to wear skirt or shorts etc!!!
    so gorgeous..

  9. ohitswronggrammar said:

    i love the 3rd pic.. my fave!

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