Weeee! Although we weren’t able to compile and find everything, but we tried. ^_^ If you guys have a tip for us, then please leave them at the comments section! ^^

I love how Dara remains comfy, but can be edgy, casual, chic, and fashionable at the same time. ^^ It’s not the clothes that make the person, but the person that makes the clothes, and Dara sure knows how to pull off outfits extremely well! ^^



Compiled by OhDara/ WeLoveDara

A huge thanks and shoutout to Sandara Fashion and Jigs for all the tips! And to everyone who has mentioned us on Twitter as well! You guys know who you are, thank you! ^_^

Comments on: "Dara Fashion Find: Dara Goes Fashionably Casual in Japan + Gimpo Airport" (4)

  1. ckjack_bla said:

    daraling fashion finders are daebak! thanks for sharing! i

  2. wooow..billion dollar baby!

  3. xandria said:

    maybe it’s sponsor by thom browne. but dara can definitely buy those expensive gorgeous clothes.

  4. I wonder if she pays for the clothes herself or if YG pays for them. $1200 for a cardigan is ridiculous

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