OMFGGGG! What is this? What is this? Comeback?! OMG!!! I am so excited, I can’t even.. TT_______TT I really wonder what this is about? T_T I can’t wait to see Dara’s teaser too! Wahhh! My girls! OMG my glorious, perfect OT4! ^^ What do you think this video is for? Comeback or something else entirely different? ^^

And fierce CL is oh-so-fierce! Just look at em spikey shoulder pad thingies!!! And I love her hairstyle like this.. ❤ She looks sleek and awesome in the all black outfit with her leather pants and tube top. And is that a sword she’s holding? ^^




Check out the website here!

2NE1 Loves Website

And here’s the YouTube video for those who can’t access it.. 

2NE1 Loves – CL Loves

Credits:2NE1Loves.Com + Belle Fuentes

Comments on: "Video+Photos: 2NE1 Loves – CL Loves… Comeback Teaser or for Something Entirely Different?" (30)

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  4. iamessinad said:

    21 GENIES !! comeback 🙂

  5. I think this is an advertisement..Chrome hearts?

  6. ckjack_bla said:

    @#@$#%$#$^%#$!!! The teaser is wow! Glorious! World Class! It’s 2NE1’s comeback!!! I can feel it!!! Exclamation points doesn’t do justice on my excitement!!

  7. cream-o said:

    I wonder.. why isn’t it uploaded on the official youtube account of 2NE1 or YGE? Is it a leak or something? Lol. I wonder if the video wasn’t supposed to be out yet.

    I’m pretty sure the next would be 2NE1 comeback but I really doubt that this is a comeback teaser. I need confirmation from official accounts first. XD

  8. That sound track… I’m busy? I really hope this is their comeback,,,, pls yg ;(

  9. I am wishing hard it’s for their comeback! We all know they have been busy recording, even Cl said so in an interview, and I hope this means they’re ready to reveal the product of their hard work! *excited*

  10. Dommoggles said:

    Although the teaser seemed like its for a friggin CF I’m still crossing my fingers that it ISN’T. I can’t wait for their comeback!!!! Let this be for their epic comeback. OMFG.

  11. redstilleto said:

    Pardon me but in the pic, it looks like CL’s wardrobe used up the cloth that’s supposed to be Bom’s and Minzy”s. He he he!

  12. Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! M so exited now!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god oh my gos

  13. I hope it’s for their comeback. They seriously need new songs to sing
    and new routines to perform.

  14. I don’t think it’s a comeback, but whatever it is I’m excited!

  15. stanley said:

    i think its 4 something else though im wishing 4 their comeback

  16. the song is “i’m busy” so it might be a photo shoot!

  17. Not sure if this is a comeback teaser and I don’t want to get ahead of myself and get too excited. I will say that whatever this is so far, I’m loving the style, sound and overall look and this makes me anticipate their return even more. Fingers crossed that this is the real thing!

  18. Comeback! Comeback! Comeback!

  19. My gosh! My hearts beating so fast. I can’t even.. Huhuhuh. They look like some fierce warrior taken out from a high fashion magazine. I really hope it’s for their comeback this time. I miss them so much! Can’t wait for dara’s teaser. And for bom and minzy too!

  20. redstilleto said:

    My hopes are up but not celebrating yet, don’t want to be disappointed…..still hoping and praying…..

  21. Keep your hate to yourself said:

    IT’S NOT A COMEBACK TEASER. Probably a fashion line from CH

  22. finally!!!2ne1 will gonna comeback…i hope dara will make her hair down but anyway im so excited of this….the waiting is finally over i already see the light….

  23. I wish for Dara’s hair to be down too, but they are definitely going to put it up some time because that’s her trademark bun. Maybe Loves refers to I Love You being part of that album, like some songs were singles before then became part of the album.

  24. nessadin0 said:

    I’m so happy now. And I feel like Minzy is going to have long hair cause in the photo it all seems that they all have long hair. I really hope that they would put Dara’s hair down and it’s only up for the photo. >_<

  25. lani20 said:

    yes please!!!!!

  26. This is definitely a comeback teaser!!! Waaaaaah!!! 2NE1 FINALLY!! the wait is overrr! Dara and 2ne1 i can’t wait!! ❤

    Oh Dara admins i'm soooo thankful for all the updates about 2ne1 and Dara.. Love youuuu!! 😀

  27. comeback teaser for sure!!!omo!!! finally!!!gosh!!!

  28. comeback teaser right .. right .. right .. i want 2ne1 , i want 2ne1 ………..

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