Woohoo! Here it is you guys! SO EXCITED! Will.I.Am’s collaboration with 2NE1! I am so so so excited for this! Though honestly, I seriously wanted to hear more of Dara and Minzy, but oh well, guess we have to take what we can have… ^_^  2NE1 is a unit and a team that Dara loves very much. ^^

Gettin’ Dumb (Audio) (Explicit)

Credits: williamVEVO

Comments on: "Audio: Will.I.Am’s “Gettin’ Dumb” Featuring 2NE1 in #WillPower Album" (57)

  1. i didnt even hear dara and minzy! but its not just will who is doing it. i have such hurt feelings towards teddy. even though he is awesome! just saying, dara said in the speech that teddy knows their voices and i was thinking to my head that he gives you the shortest lines and when others sing you just wandered in the stage.ITS NOT JUST THIS SONG!!! its been going on like forever… sad… if they really put her in 2ne1 then they believe she can sing and not just for good blending with the other 3 members. she got a strong heart for enduring this situation that she is part of a group and she is just thankful for whatever they give her. but for me watching her on that stage and she is just feeling the song while the others get to sing is heartbreaking… yg if she is really the singer, performer you believe to be… the LET HER FUCKING SING… dont use her for promotion because you very well know how can she be a magnet of the masses..

  2. I repeat anounce to YG COM. please give a BIG,BIG,BIG break to my idol dara , solo drama, movie ,and tv show please alisin nyo na si dara sa shadow ng 2ne1 tutal lagi nyo nalang sya nilalagay likod ng ng tatlo so mabuti pang alisin nyo nalang si DARA sa group ng 2ne1 THAK YOU PO……

  3. i know that it was implied in the writer’s/admin’s comment above that we should understand and support this song because 2ne1 is a group dara loves… FINE, no objections from me if the other’s here want to BUT as far as i’m concerned i’m only love dara and dara alone. i will not make excuses and start to spawn a bunch of lies here cuz’ i cannot claim to feel love for the others IF I DONT FEEL IT! i’am sorry but its not easy to lie to one’s self! as far as this song is concerned… i will not even stream it once just like their other song with him entitled Be Mine. i’m not being selfish, i just dont wanna be too pissed and write a ranting essay!!!

  4. ckjack_bla said:

    I think the song is dope. I’ll do break dance if I can! However, lack of Dara and Minzy is a turn off. Isn’t this supposed to be Will.I.am ft. 2NE1? It’s should’ve been Will.I.am ft. Bom & CL. I think it’s really unfair. If 2NE1 is going to debut in the US, I fear that Dara will only be a second voice in every song… and that will be so mean TT

  5. Why isn’t feat CL and Bom? Why is feat 2NE1? They want to get the attention Daralings and Minzy’s fans? So we don’t give them the attention and support of us.
    I am willing to support the solo project of CL and Bom with all my heart, but as this is unacceptable. If they want to use all 2NE1 members then have to PLAY FAIR. If not, they do not expect me to support them.

    If they feel that this song don’t fit with Dara, don’t include Dara in this project. Don’t waste time to Dara attend this kind of project and just let her is background for others, don’t use her to get attention of Daralings. Instead, let her try other opportunities to her can shine
    (as drama, feat with other artists in love songs, softly songs, reality show,…).

    I believe in 2NE1 Dara is a member has a large fanbase (may be she has many fans most). So I have a feeling that they used Dara to attract the attention of Daralings, while they did not give her opportunity to try another. So, Daralings let’s unanimously ignore this project as a way of expressing our opinion, our discontent.

  6. I was so excited for the release of this song but after listening to it I cant even pinpoint whether Dara sang in it or not. Dont use the name 2NE1 if he is not going to use all 4 voices. I would be happy if he list CL and Bom of 2NE1 instead… The whole inequality of song parts in 2NE1 is already old news but it still hurts every time because Dara is just not given enough part. I get that her voice is not as strong as the other three but she is part of 2NE1 and she deserves more lines!!!!! In other girl groups the “face” of the group gets more lines than Dara! When is this going to end? At the beginning I thought thats okay as Dara has drama but she is a singer!!!! Sometimes I just hope Dara is doing vocal training when 2NE1 doesnt have any activities and when 2NE1 makes their comeback she will shine so bright that haters will be left speechless…i have been waiting for that moment to happen but still its been 4 years…when will that day come?

  7. The song was a bit bland. I was waiting for a climax like how 2ne1 songs go.
    I was also disappointed how minimal Dara & Minzy’s parts were. But what can you expect, even in their own songs, the lines aren’t divided equally. I just kinda don’t understand how SNSD can do it-give equal opportunity to all 9 members, and 2ne1 can’t.

  8. LUV IT!!! BOMMIEEE!!!!! CL IS BAD (in a good way^^)!!!MINZY!!! cant wait for the video!!!

  9. Good Work BABES :DDD

  10. Disappointed. 😦 Let Dara do some drama. Yah YG! ^^, Give us back our 2ne1!

  11. pwede po bang mananawagan ako sa (YG com.) na pakawalan na si sandara sa 2ne1 group pwede po bang payagan nyo na syang mag focus na lang po sya sa movie at tv drama ganun hindi nyo sya binigyan ng importansiya sa grupo ng 2ne1 lagi nyo siya kinukulelat nagmumukhang kawawa yung idol ko nakakainis na ha! porke ba d sya kagalingni cl, bom at minzy kaya ganun nalang lagi sya na sa background…

  12. Can I just rant here “WHY DA HELL DO DARA AND MINZY HAVE SHORT LINES?” I mean c’mon they’re 2ne1. they should’ve divided the parts equally. My dear dara, please have a solo or a drama

  13. It should be feat. Bom and cl of 2ne1.i can’T barely hear dara’s and minzy’s voices..what the!

  14. Why yg allow ths thng hppened, im happy with cl and bom. But they using the name of 2ne1. As a fan we expect that even a few lines we cn hear them all. Sad sad, why wil am use the word feat with 2ne1,many fans can only hear bom and cl. It should be wil am and bom and cl of 2ne1. Ths is. My opion

  15. I actually don’t know a lot of will’s songs…except those with BEP….and his song with britney….I love britney…but that didn’t give me anything to like their song……well…it is a grower…but still meh….this song with 2ne1….ok let’s just say using the name of 2ne1 as a feat….gives a lot of attention to 2ne1 as a whole…but we’re not dumb….that this song actually feat only bom and cl….the 2 were great…nothing can attest to that…but what about dara and minzy…is dara’s voice really for a back up?!…but anyways 2ne1 is 2ne1….oh I love to hear dara cursing..LOL….I don’t want dara to leave 2ne1…but I want her to be utilized well…since she’s the face…just let her act….and dara’s confidence on stage is booming…I hope they could notice that….dara is no CL…we all know that….

  16. I actually like the song. But truthfully, I was disappointed becaus Dara was relegated as a soft echo during CL’s part and Minzy to “yeah,yeah,yeah”. One had to be a full blooded 2NE1 fan to discern those.This won’t stop me from supporting 2NE1 achieving success though. Besides 2NE1 success means success for Dara! ALL for One and One for ALL!!

  17. I usually like will i am songs in the early days but not so much when he (or BEP) went too electro. IDK, i’m not digging the song even if he gave more parts to Minzy and Dara. Happy for 2ne1 as a group that they are featured in an international artist’s album but I wish the song was better to begin with.

    On the brighter note, i would love to see Chaera do a rap together. 🙂

  18. Yeah..this song isn’t that great anyways..i guess im not used to these kind of songs now..i like it way better if teddy is the producer..some of the comments are true..yes..it should be ft. Cl anf bom..yes it is will.i am’s song but dara and minzy not having lines???? If they gonna perform that live..what are they gonna do? Stand there and watch? That’s not fair at all! Sorry guys i’m just really really mad..i love 2ne1 but i love dara more..and this makes me dislike will iam:/

  19. I’m really mad. I love 2NE1 but first and important than all I’M A DARALING, so may be I will ignore all 2NE1’s projects if all like this. I will only care about projects of Dara.

  20. I usually like club music, but i didn’t really dig this one. Sorry!
    Teddy, please take 2ne1 away from Will.i.am!

  21. What the effin fuck?!?!?! Well okay, it’s will.i.am what can we expect. At least CL and BOM did great. Dara’s echo voice was bad ass thoe.

  22. Guys just support our girls..hehe..but it’s makes me a bit sad cuz of Dara en minji can’t hear them clearly.. Only the voice of cl en Bom was clearly I hear in this song.but other wise am happy for them..pls pls pls…papa yg give us our girls 2ne1 a new album..miss them so much.. Especially Dara.cuz am bias of Dara. Heheh

  23. I like the song and can see it playing in clubs. What I don’t like just what everyone else is saying is that Dara and Minzy were put in the background. If I didn’t read the comments I would have NEVER known where their parts were. Te girls deserved way more than just being as background voices. Minzy also has a powerful voice, but I think the only reason why she didn’t have as much parts was because of her English. Dara’s sweet voice could have been great to hear, but just like Minzy I think it’s because of their English. Even when it was Dara’s part her voice was barely recognizable.
    I should stop there. I’m proud of Chaerin and Bom for doing great, but Dara and Minzy totally needs more justice.

  24. I’m kinda expecting this… Still sad not to clearly hear dara but I think she will be more sad seeing these negative comments… On the bright side, I’m thankful that 2ne1 is having this kind of exposure…

  25. it’s not that i don’t like it BUT it feels like “feat bom and CL” rather than “2ne1”

    • Yeah. The hit would’ve been taken lightly by the fans if it said “feat. Park Bom and CL” instead of “2NE1” because when it says “feat. 2NE1”, it is expected we get to hear all of their voices as a group and we might have but still, not like this. Anyway, I’ve moved on. Let’s just cheer for 2NE1!

  26. TheTurly said:

    Sadly I knew Dara and Mingkki would have just few lines but not that ‘few’ lol.. I’m disappointed (not that much tbh lol) not because Bom and CL got the lines (I love them and I’m happy for them), but because Dara and Minzy got nothing. I know it’s just a feat. (and it will ‘help’ them) but it’s a feat. with 2NE1, I would have preferred they writted only Bom and CL name (@awkward610 ++1) and I will be happy.
    For the song, I don’t go crasy for it but I like it, mostly the girls parts ❤

  27. yup guys dont complain, we just happy that the group featured and int’l fans will know them thru will step by step.. and bang! and coz of this the start of a new 2NE1!

    and what if the dara’s next projects are darama and more cf again.. i dont want to hear/see complained words, why shes on this and that… it hurts, right?… so if you dont want to be hurt then behave hehehe… be happy what is in store for dara now or the girls or 2NE1…

    • TheTurly said:

      Actually, I don’t understand when some BJ say that Dara has CF and all so we shouldn’t complain, it’s plain stupid. Dara as 2NE1 and as a ‘solo’ (and this go for the other girls too, I saw a lot of complaints lately about CL) are 2 different things that help to ‘promote’ each other. So even if Dara, Bom, Minzy and CL does as solo 49623 CFs, photoshoots, interviews, dramas, films or singles/albums I expect them nonetheless to have more than one line in 2NE1’s songs cause more active or not 2NE1 consist of for talented girls.

    • I think people are “complaining” because they are featured as a group and not as individuals. Dara’s individual projects, CFs, etc. is not credited as 2NE1 so I don’t think it’s reasonable to complain if the other members don’t appear as much in individual/solo projects as long as it doesn’t hinder the progress of the 2NE1 as a whole. They make the decisions for themselves and maybe they don’t have the time, like to spend their time on something else, or they just don’t want to do it. It depends on them, the image they want to portray, and 2NE1’s schedule, I think. But of course, it’s not limited to those things.

      Cheers for 2NE1! ❤

    • If William just want Bom & CL sing , it is EASY for him to put the title as ft. Bom & CL of 2ne1 instead of 2NE1 . Bcos in this song , for fans, we already have a hard time to find out the voice of Dara & Minzy , so how could u expect that int’l fans (especially non-kpop fans) can recognize Dara & Minzy through this song ??? Int’l fans will know BOM & CL thru will step by step , but NOT 2NE1 as a whole !!! English bad is just a lame excuse !!! ” if you dont want to be hurt then behave ” HAHAHA…. we won’t be hurt as long as the haters like u disappear ^^ u must know that here is the fans side of DARA , NOT 2ne1 !!!

    • ok guys, actually i do understand all of you.. just that everytime we’re whining/demand for dara. others always blame daralings only, always.. why we’re not demand? shes always left behind in terms a part of a songs… i dont want to see dara just standing while performing, little part, i hope producers make a good songs equally divided, if not fair enough to all the members… if this gonna happen blackjacks all over the world will rejoice and im sure sales/digital/2ne1 will rise again!!!

  28. Stop complaining. It’s Will’s song, not 2ne1’s. Even though I love Dara the most, it’s ok that she didn’t get a big part. It’s all in the name of 2ne1. It’s not a great song, but think positive guys!

  29. Its really true only bom and cl had part on this song but im not disappointed because i knowdara is working for his acting career im happy she’s going to have his own like cl she is working in his own album always fighting for 2ne1 wish you all the best

  30. tatatata :P said:

    Don’t like it. At all. They have way better songs. They have way better messages in those songs. I’m pretty sure that even 2NE1 themselves have thought about this at some point. I’m actually not that affected because this is about getting drunk, and partying, I guess that’s only normal to sing about from time to time….but still, this is kinda….

    • maybe because this song will be release in the US Market. So they weren’t really worried about what could us Asians will be saying if we like it or not alright?

  31. as long as it’s 2NE1 we all should be happy because Dara is part of 2NE1 right? They put 2NE1 on the Album so its okay not CL and BOM.. And i’m hearing Dara’s Part, which is the second voice after CL’s and Minzy’s Part was yeah yeah

    • That’s the point. They are featured as 2NE1 and not just CL and Bom but we can barely hear Dara and Minzy’s voices here. I guess we just have to move on, be positive about it, and learn to love it. Dara wouldn’t want to hear this complains so cheers to 2NE1. 🙂

  32. At lease they have to give some part of bom even one sentence each for dara and minzi. I’m very eager to hear the song but I can’t hear my daras voice I’m very very disappointed. but still I love 2ne1.

  33. Reblogged this on Kim Eun Hye's World and commented:
    Cool collaboration of Will.I.Am with 2ne1!!~^^

  34. AlohaDara said:

    I was positive before this saying how our girls will be heard by so many more fans of will.i.am and all the other famous singers. After all those years of working with our girls and this is the finish product?
    Bom sounded good. I didn’t like CL’s part and I did not hear Dara or Minzy. As a Daraling 1st, it was crap and as a Blackjack, I am disappointed. sorry guys, I usually don’t do negative but I am sad.

  35. i_love_dara said:

    I love dara so much so im disappointed..but dara love bom and cl so, lets just be happy for the two of them..and let’s wait for their comeback..so we can hear our dara..and hopefully papa yg will let dara in DARAMA soon..be positive daralings… 🙂

  36. I played it twice , but still couldn’t found Dara & Minzy ‘s part == Obviously , this should be will.i.am feat. park bom & cl , NOT 2ne1 !!!

  37. awkward610 said:

    They should mention this feat CL and Bom of 2ne1…it still carry 2ne1 name for their debut…i mean what the point squeezing minzy and dara without purpose just to complete the name. This only feat song so i won’t mind if there a member sit this one out…rather than be there just to sing at the background or just yeah yeah. Even the fan had a hard time to spot them…

    • redstilleto said:

      I agree definitely, it should have said featuring CL and Bom, then there wouldn’t be hurt feelings. Dara and Minzy were supposed to be back-up only but i don’t think saying “shit, kitty kitty, city city and yeah yeah yeah” is even a back-up thing and back-up singers aren’t usually mentioned as featuring. It’s a will.i.am song, i admit but YG should have at least looked at the line distribution of the song bec. 2ne1 is involved and they are his contract artists. I really never complained if Dara gets a line or 2 in 2NE1 songs at least i can hear and identify her voice clearly and what part of the song is she singing but this is like… pardon me…”the crumbs from the table is what they got only”…i’m sorry but that how it see it.

      • AlohaDara said:

        I agree with you!. As a Daraling, i feel we can share our honest opinions here. We are not haters, or whiny people. We are Daralings who look out and support Dara first. I couldnt hear her sing. But if those are the words they give her to sing, that is awful.

        Of course on the outside, I’m not gonna say anything because its done and I do support all the girls.
        Hope their album will be better!.

  38. Dara Fanboy said:

    This is will.i.am feat. park bom, cl and apl.de.ap. Sorry, am really disappointed 😦

  39. lougee27 said:

    i can’t hear dara’s part? does she have any solo part? i hate it sometimes how they just give dara few parts. can’t they just divide it equally? dara can rap and sing too.. all i can hear was bomie.. 😦

  40. i want to rant so bad but oh well, i’ll just keep my mouth shut. kudos to you daralings, i saw ur tweets, and you just diverted ur rants by just making fun of hearing dara say shit! oh well. at least for the first time, i heard dara say an explicit word like shit! lol

  41. don’t want to complain, this is will.I.am’s song, the girls are only featuring but it’s more like CL and Bom featuring in the song not 2ne1. I guess when the girls do an all english album do we all have to expect only a word from dara in the song? or always the second voice?

  42. We actually don’t need more dara’s part because she doesn’t have any..so what we need is dara’s part..never heard her voice at all:(

  43. which part was dara’s and minzy’s?

    • She’s the echo in CL’s rap part and Minzy did the “yeah yeah yeah” during the said part also. ^_^

      • yeah what da —- wat u think of minzy & dara voice background tune dara just an echo sound to cl rap part & minzy just “yeah yeah”

        wat a mind

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