I guess Dara is still reminiscing? Keke. ^^ I’m happy you’re happy Dara-ah. ♥


DARA: Ambitious amateur singer, hiphop girl Sandara Park is happy today.

EDIT: Flowsik retweeted this tweet! ^^

Source: @krungy21

Translated by: @sgbjcrew

Comments on: "Twitter: “Hiphop Girl Sandara Park Is Happy Today”" (12)

  1. im als0 happy because dara is happy,, she is really a str0ng w0man always fighting dara…

  2. Why are some assume that Dara is sad. She’s reminiscing everyone 🙂 Their anniversary and comeback is coming up, that’s why. I’m more concerned about their safety there in South Korea, I hope and pray that the war that North Korea wants to launch will not push through.

  3. Some say u r very transparent ur fans can feel ur pain and sadness,but u know what start listening to this song ALRIGHT by AZIATIX the lyrics are very uplifting,”even ur darkess night will shine again,everything gonna be alright day and night” at least u have a family, true friends and devoted fans who loves u unconditionally, so cheer up Babe and HENGSO……

  4. nikonpreap said:

    she is trying to say she misses the old 2ne1. back when they were young fresh and the world was the oyster. that carefree feeling and having fun. I want the old school 2ne1 back

  5. aww Fire Dara~ still so cute
    and ps Flowsik retweeted this kyahhh~ lol

  6. I can feel her this past few days she’s not happy her smile is different, Oh!! please Dara don’t be so sad daraling will always love and support you.

  7. i wanna know too why she is posting a lot of old pictures lately..??

    • It’s 2NE1’s 4th anniversary soon so she reminiscing their first year(?) Can’t believe it’s already been 4 years!! T_T

  8. She’s been posting lot of old pic lately… Cute darong unnie

  9. I really wanna know y does she happy 😀

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