Yoo Min Kyu was recently interviewed by MyDaily for his new movie, “Kisaragi Mikki Jjang,” where he plays the role of Iemoto, one of the five “uncle fans” or “otakus” who gathered together at the death of their idol, celebrity, Kisaragi Mikki. In the movie, Iemoto says “I am an encyclopedia when it comes to Mikki-chan.” With his tall frame and handsome face, the interview delves on how Yoo Minkyu would carry out being someone who loves another so zealously and loyally in real life and how he would go about it as his character in the movie, Iemoto.


I did worry over how to act as one of the leads, Iemoto. Being in film and theater gave me a solid foundation on acting, but how I would come out with this particular character had me a bit worried. I personally like Amanda Seyfried and Sandara Park. So while I was acting, I was thinking of them too.

Basically, Yoo Min Kyu is worried over how to act as an ultimate fanboy of a celebrity, like his character in the movie is. So he thinks of Amanda and Dara, celebrities that he likes and then how he would act if he were going to be a full-blown, crazy-over-you, with encyclopedia-knowledge fanboy over them. He’s already a fanboy, well he considers himself a fan anyway, but can you imagine Yoo Min Kyu going all otaku over Dara?! Kekekeke! OMG I really think he’d make a cute otaku, buying her merch, albums, and all! He makes a cute fanboy, don’t you think? ^^

More on Yoo Min Kyu: He starred in the drama, Shut Up Flower Boy Band and To The Beautiful You. He’s an up-and-coming actor, but he landed on these two successful dramas already!

But don’t you guys think he looks familiar?


That’s right! He’s Dara’s “Candy Man” in her trilogy-CF for Nikon! Do you remember him yet? Kekekeke! I guess Dara left him quite the great impression for him to think of her while acting as an otaku! ^_^


Source: MyDaily via Nate

Translations and article by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara


Comments on: "Interview: Yoo Min Kyu “I Like Amanda Seyfried and Sandara Park, I Think of Them While I Act my Role”" (7)

  1. Sandara Stark said:

    Dara’s fanboys tend to be tall guys, don’t they? It’s actually cute when you think about it. Haha

  2. desiweelovesapples said:

    no wonder he looks very familiar…

  3. ha haha..ke ke ke…i’m so flattered…

  4. i couldn’t imagine how happy he was when work with dara, kkkk~
    1 guy added again in dara’s long list fanboys

  5. Well, having worked with Dara shows that he likes her for her personality too (based from experience). 🙂

  6. hehe he’s cute 🙂

  7. huoooo!!! Day by day sandara park gain fanboys!!! Woooo

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