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Comments on: "Photos: Unseen BTS Shots of Fresh 2NE1 for Nikon’s “A Shot A Day”" (8)

  1. san-tokki said:

    my ate Dara — is the prettiest for me ^^ look at here (^____^) simple make UP — yet so perfect gorgeous .. KyeopTA!!!!!!!!!!

  2. you right daisang…they oll pretty especially dara. hehe

  3. daisang said:

    they are all pretty esp dara… they are all living dolls….

  4. Minzy look so cute here… Maknea deabak ^^

  5. Dara…i miss you already T_T

  6. lougee27 said:

    i love dara’s top, she looks so pretty.

  7. I am so love love love you, Dara. ^^

  8. when was this>?

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