Thank you so so so much to @ATOU_21ing and @littlestone_ for the scans! T_T

Comments on: "Magazine: “Say My Name” – Stunning Sandara Park for Elle Korea" (39)

  1. dara cant’t wait for your movies and drama.Hope you do the version of meteor garden,hanakimi etc… good to see you in romance comedy,just like you do in the philippines.I’m always watching over and over all your movies.Good luck and hope you can find a bf that will love you and wait for you.

  2. darkymiza88dara said:

    I’m having difficulty breathing just because I’m staring at her Goddess beauty. Gah!!! I don’t care if I become a MAN right NOW..If only I can have her..T_T I SOOOOOOOOO LOVE HER..eonnie, you’re DAEBAK!!

  3. daramaegon said:

    im speechless,the timid girl showed us like a child in d name of DARA transformed into a beautiful woman,, its refreshing to see d new look and images of her, becoz we always seen her way back then to have weird fashionable clothes and hairstyle as fierce member of 2ne1,,im delighted and proud for d achievements and recognition she got as one of cf princesses,most adored kpop idol and most beautiful woman,^^ perfect as we describe her aside from being humble and kind to everyone, we love u always KRUNGY^__^


  5. who is on the cover of elle?

  6. VipBlackjack187 said:

    So so Sooo gorgeous!!! We should Share these picts to all YG family blogs kekeke, so people who always gave ill comments about her knew..Sandara Park is a real deal..Daebakkk !!! ^_*

  7. she is really a beauty beyond words… i hope i can a copy of this magazine here in the Philippines.. i actually want to get a copy of all 4 magazines where 2ne1 members were featured.. no 6 if i am going to include ceci mag where dara is also the cover and vouge mag where GD and YB are the covers…

  8. tomorrow’s news : ELLE sold out! he!he!

  9. omg she is so pretty…….

  10. ahgdhfueydgfhhfdgjfhd daraaaaaa!!!!! she really have that actress aura in her.. Darama please!!! hagdfkjdfhdjghjfhg SPEECHLESS!!!!!! <333

  11. dazzling beauty!!! Please do a group buying.. I want one…

  12. wahhhh…i love the picture where she is standing up sort of scratching her eye!!! homaigad!! that is some high fashion model right there….ordinary people…or at least artists who aren’t professional models can’t do that kind of abstaract poses…butdara really is like af*cking professional model!!!!!!

  13. dara is really pretty i hope i can buy that magazine daebak!!!! love you ate sandy I’m ces from Philippines xD

  14. dara is relly pretty i hope i can buy that magazine daebak!!!! love you ate sandy I’m ces from Philippiness xD

  15. drop dead Gorgeous face and prohection so natural.. my heart flutters seeing all pictures even im a girl though.. haha! She so stunning and pure. 🙂


  17. speechless ang bye :’>

  18. she resembles Han Hye Jin in these photos. I have a positive feeling that she’ll start to act soon because she’s giving hints that she wants to act and prove herself as an actress. Praying one day I’ll see her in drama or movie. One more thing, the aura of an actress is coming out, you can’t see the badass Dara from 2ne1 in these pictures. I can’t wait to grab a copy of the magazine.

  19. thanks for sharing this! wow! she’s really pretty and sexy! “,) goddess….

  20. She’s like an angel. ❤ How does she pull off so many looks this well?? I especially love the 4th and 5th pictures!

  21. So pretty! ^_^

  22. dara fanboy said:

    Those stares!!! ❤

  23. Where can I get the magazine???? I want a copy now.

  24. WOw!!… Just wow!! ^O^… so Preety

  25. wooowww..thanks for the scans..!! so much Dara picture in Elle gyaaa..>,<

  26. For some reason I feel like she is gearing up for a drama!! Please let it be because I heard that after 2ne1 releases their album in April, CL might release a solo album so it’s perfect for our Dara to go into acting! If it won’t be a drama at least a movie!!! And did I mention how gorgeous she looks!?? Daebak!!!

  27. Absolutely STUNNING!!! Perfection personified!!!

  28. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!she’s too awesome..dara is too pretty,she dont need make up to make her beautiful..she’s already pretty..i love this magazine..where can i buy this?

  29. xoxojulietx said:


  30. With these pictures….all I can see is the ACTRESS DARA…I dont see any sign of dara the kpop idol…omg seriously she doesnt need extreme colors to be captivating/stunning….

  31. GODDESS!! 4th Pic.. the BEST.

  32. nikonpreap said:

    Give me 15mins with that magazine and the pages will be stuck together

  33. Stunning! I’m crazy with the 4th photo!

  34. ONE WORD TO DESCRIBE THIS : PERFECTION… MY GHAD, Dara is truly is gorgeous, pretty, beautiful, amazing, and all the positive adjectives out there…

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