I can’t contain my feels after seeing all these photos! T__T They all look so fab and chic and stylish and gorgeous, I can’t help but cry… T___T I missed them so much and I hope this is their first step to an explosive and wonderful comeback! T_T

2NE1 members strike a pose for solo pictorials in 4 different fashion magazines


Fans will be able to get quadruple the dose of 2NE1 pictorials in the upcoming month as the members have individually featured in four different magazines!

YG Entertainment shared some of the photos you can expect to see on the upcoming issues of the fashion editorials, exciting fans already for the month of March!

Dara looked stunning and refined in her ‘ELLE‘ magazine preview photo, while Park Bom showed two different makeup looks for the beauty magazine ‘Allure‘. CL went bold with an eye catching pictorial in ‘Harper’s Bazaar‘, and maknae Minzy kept it fun and funky with photos for ‘Marie Claire‘.

The March editions of the magazines will be available starting later this month on and offline, so make sure to look out for more photos from the girls, who are reportedly making a comeback within the first half of this year.

Check out more of the revealed cuts below!








Source: allkpop

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Comments on: "News: 2NE1 Members Strike A Pose For Solo Pictorials In 4 Different Fashion Magazines" (11)

  1. They are all awesome. DAEBAK! showing different sides of them 🙂 Mingky is so sexy, Bom is fairy-like, CL the ever charismatic leader and Dara oh so amazing, i hope shell continue to show that side of her. 🙂

  2. ckjack_bla said:

    Our girls are so gorgeous!!! Dara is a goddess as usual. Bom not wearing a thick eyeliner is sooo refreshing. I love it! Minzy’s sexy shoulders and legs are WOW!!! I like her oufit too although I also wanna see a pic of her not wearing shades. CL is the coolest KPop idol ever! \m/ However, we are already used seeing her being fierce so a girly style would be the greatest surprise/gift to us blackjacks. To many feels!!! I really miss 2NE1!!! TT

  3. minzy and bom!!!!! its refreshing seeing this two in a new look..minzy is so sexy and bom is just wow!! speechless!! a real lady spring!!!
    cl and dara are kinda predictable but still gorgeous…. dara looks very pretty in white and cl looks fierce and very true fashionista!!!

    i hope its for comeback!!!

  4. wwwwwwowwwwwwww….. i love the pics!!!
    dara looks so pure and elegant…mingki!!! yes finally!!! she”s of legal age now right…now she can show off those curves cause she got them…wow…minzy is sexy shoulders…as expected leadah brings the fierce!!! bommie looks pretty…but oh my what’s with those lips..they’re like lindsay lohan lips..

  5. dara’s pose makes her look tall like a model

  6. OMG THE BEST PHOTOSHOOT EVER!!!! MINZY is DAMN SEXY, she never reveals her body. Dara you are always the best. CL is chic. Bom you are very fine too. I WANT MORE DARA PHOTOS!!!

  7. tengo q decirlo, Bommie se ve hermosa!!!!! =) y obviamente todas las chicas =)

  8. I want these four magazine 2ne1 girls is so pretty all they look stunning!! wahhhhh!!! im so excited to see other picture<333

  9. minzy is so cute….girl your starting to be a woman..heheheheh

  10. I really love Dara’s pose, so model-like and the simplicity makes her natural beauty more radiant. She’s really one of Korea’s most beautiful right now. It’s been a long while since I last saw Bom with less makeup, she looks beautiful in the last photo. Oh and Minzy! She’s so sexy and grown-up, she slimmed down a lot.


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