Omo, Durami! It’s great seeing Dara’s younger sister! ^^ This is Dara’s younger sister, Durami, and Thunder’s “little noona,” as he often refers her to. ^^ She’s the middle child.. ^^ It seems that she’s in Manila, Philippines for a visit! ^^


Halmony: @krungy21 Hi unnie!! We miss you already!!

Dara: @halmony88 You guys take care~ and enjoy!!! 🙂 I’m jealous of you guys! Hehe

Bratinella: @halmony88 @krungy21 Halmeoni, just text me with whatever plans you have

Dara: @bratinella @halmony88 Please take care of Durami 🙂 Thanks to my krungerz unnie!!!


Source: @halmony88 + @krungy21

Re-uploaded and translated  by: OhDara

Comments on: "Twitter: Halmony Tweets a Picture with Dara’s Younger Sister Durami – “Please Take Care of Her!”" (8)

  1. Sandara Stark said:

    Durami is attending university in Seoul, right? I think their school break falls on February. She must have done well in school that her unnie gave her a well deserve vacation as a prize! : ) I’m really proud of this family- they seem to be so down to earth! They always go back to their “roots”-it’s a good way to stay grounded, humble, and sensible.

  2. Durami still knows Tagalog also like Dara. All I’m waiting is for thunder to get back in the philippines soon.

    • Sandara Stark said:

      Thunder has expressed the same sentiments, too! Really hope that he can visit this year! I think he was only around five years old when the Park family migrated.

  3. Aww, that pls take care of durami touched my heart. Dara is such a sweet noona/unnie. :))

  4. by the way,when is thunder visit phils.? Hope MBLANQ will do concert there.

  5. she is pretty too ,no make up,i’m ur fan too DURAMI,PLEASE SMILE TOO LIKE UR NOONA.

  6. Pretty

  7. can we share this pic?

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