Oh so cute, cute, cute! Taeyang sounded so confused when he asked “noona?” because Dara called him “hyung” kekeeke! And Thunder idolizing Taeyang is really cute as well! Thunder is known to be close to his hyungs in YGE.. ^^

DaraTYTaeyang: I’m ready to rock you!! Are you guys ready?

Dara: @RealTaeyang I’m ready~too!!! Taeyang-hyung, fighting! ^.^

Taeyang: @krungy21 Noona?

Dara: @RealTaeyang Ah yes, it’s me! ㅋㅋㅋ No, it was just that.. ㅋOur Cheondoongie likes Taeyang-hyung so much, so there’s been a mistake^^;;; I’ll bring Cheondoong to see you~ Fighting!!!


Source: @krungy21 @RealTaeyang

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "Twitter: Dara Confuses Taeyang By Calling Him “Hyung” – Fighting~!" (14)

  1. petitedara said:

    Does it mean, Dara will watch Big Bang Alive Final Concert, and also bring Thunder? This is EPIC.

  2. Thunder! naughty dongsaeng, using Dara noona’s phone! 🙂

  3. kimchininja said:

    lol Dogpoop are you pretending to be your sister again?

    “Thunder is known to be close to his hyungs in YGE..” I knew he was close with SE7EN… who else is he close with?

  4. LOL! Thunder is busted 🙂 I think it was him who sent that tweet and he was using Dara’s phone.

  5. derfshell@gmail.com said:

    i dont think its thunder….hmn

  6. Sandara Stark said:

    I thought it was because Taeyang called her hyung during their first ever Twittter convo! Hahaha That guy from 1TYM even “chastised” him for it! Hahaha

  7. Wahh- i think it’s thunder!

  8. lol seems thunder was using Dara’s phone at that time lol

  9. lol.. why i have this feeling that it wasn’t Dara who tweeted that to YB..

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