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[Star Column] Part 4. World Tour Behind The Scenes (GD)


The first thing that comes to my memory was hanging out with Dara-noona in the Philippines.
2NE1’s Dara-noona went to the Philippines by herself to watch the Philippine concert. ^^ (Noona~Thank you!!^^)

Because noona was active in the Philippines in the past, we knew that she’d be the person to know the Philippines best, so the members and I all started to ask her, in an insistent and constant manner, to take us out to a nice place. Finally, Dara-noona said that she knows a great restaruant, and suggested that we go out to eat there. So for the first time in a foreign country, all 5 members decided to eat together! Out! So that’s what we did. Not just the members, but other members of the staff as well, managers and security!! As it was the first time for all of us to eat out in a foreign country, all of us were really excited as we all got ready, and finally left with Dara-noona. ^^

At first, we were talking each other and getting more and more excited, and at the same time, we were enjoying the scenery from our window, with the thought of having a picnic in mind. Dara-noona has said that the place we were going to was a bit far, quite outside of town, but still we wanted to go~ go~ go, and so we went.
Then people were starting to get tired and fall asleep, as the sun was setting and  it started to get dark. (I only knew of this later, but they said that at this time, Dara-noona was getting worried. I didn’t know because I was in a different car.. ㅠㅠ)

After two hours, we finally arrived at this great outdoor restaurant, it was a really cool restaurant because you can eat while having a terrific view, specially if you come in the afternoon and can enjoy the sunset. B.U.T. Since we left late, we arrived late in the evening when it was already dark… It became a situation when we had to eat in the dark. Pparabam~! (Dara-noona version ^^) However, it was still a famous restaurant, so we ate the food that Dara-noona had suggested, we had a meaningful time together as we all talked with each other. (This is where I took this photo ~ With this long beer bottle~ You know this, right??)


One more fact that is absolutely shocking, which we found out almost while we were done eating! This same restaurant was, in fact, also found just 5 minutes away from the hotel where we were staying… Pparabam…..ㅋㅋ
But I didn’t regret anything; we all had a great time, eating delicious food and talking with great people.
If only… We could take out the part where we had to go through the entire 2-hour ride.. ^^;
Dara-noona!! I’m very grateful for the good memories! Thank you~!!! ^^


Source: Naver Star Column

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

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  2. daragon4ever said:

    I’M SO giddy when i’m reading this article of gd..i’m so much fan of this two and they are really suit for each other,anyways i’m a daragon shipper..;kkkkkkkkk :)..i luv dara and gd..

  3. Lou Ejanda said:

    Dara+Gdragon overload!!! I love dara she is really humble and never forget her humble beginnings the places she’s been with!! Gdragon at this moment I hope before you go to the military pls set the record straight for us.. Daragon Fighting!!

  4. NOONA! DARA NOONA!!! yes ji…you just have to emphasize the noona…hahahaha…

    i really love this article…it was a like a relief learning that he really enjoyed his stay here…hehehe….come back, kwon leadah!!! bring the whole yg family with you!!!

  5. “the First thing that comes to my memory ….” this must mean hanging out with Dara was special for it to stand out! So proud of Dara’s hospitality…makes me feel she really loves the Philippines…too bad they missed sunset at Taal Volcano which is really a pretty sight…hopefully there will be a next time!

  6. It’s really great to know that Dara unnie made the boys’ stay here in the Philippines more memorable and enjoyable. ^_^ She really is the perfect guide! Very caring and knows where the best places are. (It’s embarrassing that she’s been to more places in the PH than I have…LOL! X3) I’m glad Jiyong oppa is thankful and happy for what she did for them. I wish they could come back here and have a more proper vacation next time. ^^

  7. DAEBAK!!!!! Thanks for sharing, this made my day ^_^

  8. That was like an essay! Damn! And Dara’s parabbam that Jiyong did..omg why so cute!!!

  9. they can always come back and have a real vacation! no schedules just enjoy the free time, i hope they do comeback so Dara can show them nice places!

  10. Awwww I’m glad that all of then were able to hang out and have a good time together. Lmao at the 2 hour drive when there was a restaurant next to their hotel.

  11. Are pinoy condiments, powder and seasoning mixes allowed to enter korea? If it is, it would be awesome if we could send like knorr sinigang mixes, mama sita mixes and such so she (or her mom) can cook pinoy food to eat and share with yg fam. 🙂

    • As long as it is packed/preserved goods in properly labeled and sealed containers there should be no problem in sending them through courier services or bringing them with you when you board an international plane..

      Hope that helps..

  12. epic fail that they were not able to see taal volcano… hehe dara cuteness overload…im crying right now…. am i stll normal??? wth,,,huhu

  13. this is really unexpected, i actually thought that Jiyong didn’t enjoy their visit in the Philippines… and reading this makes me really happy… and to know that this is their first time to eat out with all the members…wahhhhh sooooo happpyyyyy…

  14. one thing only i want to say im soo happy for this article GD AND DARA fihting^_^


    I DIED.

    LOL. But seriously, Im so thankful to Dara because out of all the countries BB visited, the one that Jiyong remembered the most is their visit to the Philippines. I guess he was touched bec Dara went to the PH alone just to support and help them. I’m really really grateful bec she made them remember their stay in the PH as a happy and enjoyful one. :’) kyaaaaa jiyongie, you must include PH in your solo world tour!!!!! ^^ I agree, Dara would make a great PH tourism endorser~

    Jiyong’s “pparabam” LOL WTF SO CUTE <333333

  16. DARATAMTAM said:

    LOL can fans make a petition of making Dara an ambasador ofthe PH? coz that would be great.

  17. i’m from PH and thank goodness GD did this, at least i know he did had a great time 🙂 anyway i was expecting Seungri or Taeyang to mention Dara’s presence haha. DARAAAAAAAAAAAAAA i miss you! come back here! haha

  18. Actually, Dara is the best ambassador for Phil. tourism,since she moved in Korea she has been promoting about Phils. internationally,everybody knows our language TAGALOG which she speak,every time they mention Dara ,followed by she is a star from Phils . and she grew up there.I live in USA and I came to love, admire her for the love she has for the filipino fans and all fans all over the world and the country.hope that the Phil. govt. will appreaciate her for this good job and give her an appreciation award.

    • And I was pleasantly surprised that 2NE1 even included Filipino lyrics in one of their songs – “Punta tayo sa fiesta!” (Let’s Go Party). Wow. Just WOW. 🙂

  19. Be still my beating heart HAHAHAHA thank you Dara NOONA (lol) for bringing BB to Tagaytay 🙂 good times!

  20. ahhhh! gd so sweet for thanking dara for the best memories they had in the phillipines. yg family fighting!!1

  21. waaaahhhh!! I wanna cry!! Dara thank you so mucchh for letting them enjoy their stay in PH. Jiyong OMG!! I love you big time thank you for sharing your thoughts, we’re glad you had fun in PH because of Dara NOONA. lol!! Of all the places you visited, you remembered Philippines. You are the sweetest. Hengsho Dara and Gd!!!

  22. aigoo,oori Dara unnie is such a big fan of Gerry’s time unnie,bring them to Leslie’s, Sonya’s Garden or any good bulalohan resto in Tagaytay 🙂 fingers crossed that they do come back here in the Phils. 🙂

  23. LOL. Philippine traffic. But it’s too bad they weren’t able to see Taal.

  24. kimchininja said:

    If Dara took them to the restaurant that’s only 5 minutes away, maybe we’d have a lot more fan accounts and sneaky fan-taken pics. By taking them so far away they probably avoided getting mobbed.

    I didn’t think TOP went? Oh, that’s a good surprise. I thought he’d stayed in and relaxed in his hotel room. So good to know he went with them.

    And this partially explain why Big Bang looked so tired during their concert. lmao Dara is the culprit! On top of the jetlag they had to drive so far. XD

    I love that he mentioned this in his Star Column. None of the other members did. D:

    I hope they do another concert in the Philippines and Dara goes again. Make more great memories.

    Oh! I wonder if she ‘took care’ of them like she did 2NE1, shopping for Filipino food and showing them the Big Bang chocolate and stuff…

    • restilleto said:

      If Dara has taken them to the 5-minutes away from their hotel Gerry’s Grill, I don’t think it would be as much memorable as the Tagaytay sojourn. Fans would be ogling them and they won’t be able to have some peaceful alone time with the members and staff. Dara also wanted them to see Taal and the sunset but the traffic killed her intentions. So sad yet very happy indeed at the same time. Hwaiting!!!!

  25. said:

    2hrs travel and only to find out that theres gerry’s grill beside shangrila….keke

    • I think dara knows that there is a branch near their hotel, there’s a reason (stated in her twitter) why she chose that specific branch 😊

  26. Hahaha of course Darong will bring the boys out-of-town so there would be no stalkers. Too bad they came late and they did not see the famous Taal Volcano and the sunset but nonetheless they had a great time. Beautiful people + good food + fantastic view = great memories 😉 Thanks Dara, you made Jiyong’s Alive Tour memorable haha

  27. I’m head over heels going crazy reading the entry. Haha. I’m not a DARAGON fan, but I am a fan of both Dara and GD and the love is just showing. YG Family love!

  28. redstilleto said:

    Awwwww………what’s with all these dara noona in your sentences………so it was really special hah! Can’t think of what to say at the moment……….i need more time for all of these to sink in my drifting brain……..

  29. I feel really happy that everyone (not only GD) appreciated Dara’s efforts to make their stay in the Philippines unforgettable! Hengsho!!!~~~ ^^

  30. we cant help it coz of all the the memories from diff.places the one with dara is, i guess the most memorable well maybe becoz of the 5mins away resto thing..

  31. LMAO at the have to go two hours drive back kkkkk
    our Dara is cute like that kkkkkk

  32. all about noona, noona and noona~~~~~
    cute >,<

    january full love of YGFam

    *daragon heart attack* sorry (_)

  33. joeluvsjoe said:

    I am really happy that Bigbang enjoyed their stay here in the Philippines 🙂
    The restaurant story that’s only five minutes away from their hotel is really funny
    DAEBAK! 😀

  34. heheheehh!!! lot of DARA NOONA,, thats is DARA!! jJANG! VERY KIND AND CARING~~ FEELSSss!! DARA+PHILIPPINES= is Jjang!!

  35. dragonrabbit said:

    waaahhhh! daragon fighting! hengsho!!~~~ ^.^

  36. OMG!OMG! i’m trying to control my self now ok!! i’m just!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! (daragon) sorry OD, can’t help it! 🙂 so happy!

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