LMAO. This has got to be the cutest Twitter conversation ever! <333 From washing the dishes, which leads to talking about Dadoong, the descendant of a Bengal Tiger. YG Family are so random and cute, I can’t! XD It’s so nice seeing YG Family talking and joking around like this. Shows how close they are to each other. ^^


G-DRAGON: Do it do it do it

DARA: Won’t do it won’t do it~ Dadoong-ah! Bite! Rawr~ ㅋㅋㅋ(posts photo of Dadoong)

TAEYANG: What is he? A cheetah??

DARA: He’s a Bengal cat!!! A descendant of the Bengal tiger~ Super cool, right?!?


TAEYANG: Oh.. It’s cool

DARA: Swag~ Swag~ ㅋㅋ Thank you!!! I like something awesome rather than pretty!ㅋ^___^ Love Bengal Cats!

Source: @krungy21 + @IBGDRGN + @RealTaeyang

Translated by: @kristinekwak

Comments on: "Twitter: Dara to Taeyang – “Dadoong is a Bengal Cat!”" (10)

  1. Gahh I love their interactions! But I hate how they reply so short and Dara’s always the one replying longer messages lol

    But more interactions please! I want Seungri to join lol

  2. Hahaha well it’s cool that Taeyang got to butt in after the GD-Dara exchange. After all, he’s the one who started the whole thing and it would be a little awkward if GD will get to have the last word again 😉 not shipping here because I think Taeyang and GD are both awesome hahaha (defensive)

  3. i am so glad that the closeness of yb dara~~~ gd? (still seem a little awkward) is now surfacing!

    i really wonder why gd seem awkward to dara where in fact past photos and stories (such as the red hot pepper and the norembang? incident)… anyway i soo love the friendly conversation between dara and yb… it seem like a typical tweet i would do to someone so close to me:)

    yg is indeed a family and not simply a company:) so glad my bias dara is with them

    • I don’t think GD is awkward with Dara, in fact his tweets are full of aegyo/cuteness and as he himself said, he only shows his cute side to people he is close with (like his girlfriend, oh not shipping or anything ;p

  4. dara fanboy said:

    Dara reaches 500k!!!

  5. hello admin. hope you are twitting dara bout her photos so that she can see it. i hope she’ll be happy you’re making effort doing it. thanks so much!

  6. love is in the air!!!~~~^^

  7. Bommmiiieee!!!! Rescue Dara!!!

  8. YG family family family! 🙂

  9. super cute convo :3

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