OMG! I seriously cannot stop smiling and laughing at Dara’s tweets! XD She is too adorable! <333 I missed seeing her tweeting in Tagalog and I’m seeing this aggressive side of her for the first time! It was so random! Haha! I wish Thunder would reply to her in Tagalog too! ^_^

Tough, protective, loving noona for the win!!! <333


DARA: @MBLAQCD Ya! Thunder! Do you still know how to speak Tagalog? Where are you!? Where did you go this time? Go home! Take care!

DARA: Thunder went home already. Good boy 🙂 he loves loves baby Dadoongie so much! I love love my two baby Doongs!!!

(T/N: Filipinos use the word “po” as a sign of respect but the way Dara used it made her Tagalog tweet funnier! XD)

Source: @krungy21

Translated by: GallytheSnail@WeLoveDara/OhItsLAI@OhDara

Comments on: "Twitter: Aggressive Dara Tweets Thunder in Tagalog; Asks Him to Come Home" (4)

  1. LOL! Dara is super funny!!! I hope Cheondung can also reply in Tagalog, but i remember Cheondong said in one interview that he already forgotten how to speak Tagalog. I hope Dara can teach him again..It can be an advantage especially if they are talking secrets in front of other Idols..kekeke..^^,v

  2. joanna reyes said:

    I cant seem to stop laughing!! She is soo funny!! I just love her querkyness!!

  3. OMG!! this is epic!! Dara called him by saying HOY and in her second tweet she has PO already. lol!! seriously she reminds me of my mom. Dara such a funny, protective and caring noona.

  4. so cute!

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