Best Band Style Of 2012

And just like that, we’re officially one week into December and THAT much closer to the end of the year. While we countdown to new beginnings and fresh starts in 2013, we’re recapping our favorite style moments from 2012. We’re hitting all the important areas we can before our speakers start playing Auld Lang Syne. From celebrity nail art to magazine covers, Instagram selfies to facial hair and everything in between!

It’s one thing for individuals to have exemplary style. (*ACHEM* If you haven’t voted in ourReaders’ Choice: Best Dressed of 2012 poll yet, you should probably do that!) But it’s another thing entirely for a band (of multiple people!) to pull off individual outfits but still look cohesive. With the epic resurgence of boy bands (thanks, One Direction and The Wanted!) and plenty of OG comeback stories, the well-dressed ensemble group was not that rare a thing this year. Thus, we bring you the best band style of 2012.



K Pop had a GIGANTIC year in 2012, partly because of “Gangnam Style” and partly because the genre is CHOCK FULL of boy bands and girl groups. MTV Style has a soft spot for 2NE1 thanks to their propensity for all things bold and colorful and their enviable closeness with Jeremy Scott.



Speaking of bold and colorful… We are OBSESSED with Big Bang. The K Pop boy band is a five-dude unit of unbridled energy, hyper-saturated streetwear, tonsorial risk-taking, and uhh, they wear MINX NAILS SOMETIMES. *faints*


Source: MTV Style

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Feature: 2NE1 And Big Bang Included In MTV Style’s ‘Best Band Style of 2012’" (4)

  1. Dee looks like an absolute Goddess in this pic<3333
    Hey 2ne1 stylist, i want Dee to have this hairstyle again…please!!!Goddess Dee+long wavy brown hair=perfection<33

    • btw, why some boys in kpop dresses like they want to be beaten up…lol

      • Lol that´s a funny comment…it is called fashion today…;)

        Visit for more K-pop!

        • ew…i don’t like gayest style…they looks more and more girly than sissy JB/Neil patrick harris..sigh…why oh why?…ok…its time for me to watch Jay Z&Frank sinatra<3333

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