Here are photos of the girls at the last New Evolution Concert! I’m getting a little emotional since it would be the last concert…  T_T I’m hoping for more world tours from 2NE1 in the future though! 2NE1 Nolza!!! <333



Here is Dara with today’s lucky fanboy!!! He might just be the luckiest fanboy ever!!! Dara kissed him on the cheeks but it was so darn close to the lips!!! OMG!!! 



Here is Dara getting emotional during encore. Goodbye #NewEvolutionTour T_T














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Comments on: "Fan-Taken: 121201 Photos of 2NE1 at New Evolution Concert in Singapore" (15)

  1. is there anyone in here who knew that fanboy? r other pictures?

  2. I’ve never commented before despite visiting this site regularly but tonight I’m compelled to because the show 2ne1 put on tonight was so fing amazing I foresee a severe withdrawal reaction to follow in the coming days.

    First off, I wasn’t too fond of the costume and set designs from what I saw from the concert pictures online but in person it was spectacular! You could see that so much effort and thought was put into the designing of the stages and they all fit the concept and style of the songs so well.

    Vocally, they were all phenomenal. All four of them shone and never missed a beat or high note and never relied on the backtrack to do the job for them. I’ve been so proud of the improvements Dara has made vocally since last year’s promotions but watching her live really blew me away. She supported the rest of the members with her steady vocals and when it was her turn she delivered so well it really blew me away. The other three were equally stunning but you already know that. I don’t know how it is possible but their vocal performance was x12936234 times better than listening to them on CD.

    The turn out so huge (I would say 90% do the stadium was filled) but it was not as good as bigbang’s concert. However, they were able to pump up crowd so well and bring up the atmosphere that you would hardly notice that there was certainly nothing lacking in the concert. I’m a die hard yg stan and am as obsessed with BB as I am with 2ne1 but tbvh I was a tad bit disappointed in BB’s show. Don’t get me wrong it was an amazing show and I’m yg answered my prayers by hosting both BB and 2ne1’s concerts in Singapore, but with BB, they did not have to do much to rile up the crowd. 2ne1 on the other hand, never allowed their popularity or existing success to do the work for them. They gave their all for every single song and worked the crowd like rookies when we all know they are already queens of the Kpop industry and need not prove nothing to nobody. Big credit to the live band too for making the concert so memorable. At one point my friend even commented how she felt like she was in a Korean nightclub because people were not just fan chanting or singing along like you would expect in a typical kpop concert. Everyone in the audience, and I mean EVERYONE, even the people who were not diehard 2ne1 fans at the start of the concert, was on their feet screaming and dancing their asses off with the girls.

    Pardon the wall of text but i’m just so overwhelmed and proud of the girls for what they have achieved in this tour. I know much has been said about the tour but I don’t think they have been giving enough credit for the fantastic shows they have put up in this tour. I now no longer blame yg for their half assed comeback this year because I think this tour means so much more to them and it’s easy to see why they are the first Kpop girl group to be able to pull off a world tour.

    Let’s all start hoping for a 2NE1 world tour in 2013!

    • Theyseemetrollintheyhatin said:

      Thank you. Wow! I am tearing up right now. Such a heartfelt comment/fan account. I want more to be honest so don’t worry about the wall of text.

    • tangerine_24 said: friends who watched both 2ne1’s and BB’s concert in LA said almost the same thing…BB might have sold out concerts but they said 2ne1’s show was more energetic and exhausting in a good way. Mind you these friends of mine are more of BB fans. They said 2ne1 left a better impression than BB…I hope die hard VIP’s won’t kill me for this 🙂 peace!!!

    • Joanna abadilla said:

      I agree with u 100%… I was personally on both concert in L.A and what u said us sooo true!! Im a 2ne1 die hard and for me to see them perform live was definitely the awesome experience me and my cousin ever went too!!!! Don’t get me wrong I’m a VIP as well but mhen the girls just gave me goosebumps and it soo crazy!! I went to BB concert too and for some reason I did not felt as close as the 2ne1 concert!! But we love both concert! Its just it felt more intimate having 2ne1 talk more to us especially in English! I love both 2ne1 and BB but entertainment wise I’ll vote for 2ne1!!!!

    • hoowaaaaah..thanks for your review..TT^TT its makes me tearing right now..2NE1 is really GREAT!! KPOP QUEEN!!!

  3. It’s times like these when I wish there were no pics or fancams. That almost kissing pic can give people wrong idea if they did not know that she didn’t actually kiss him on the lips. It just doesn’t make her look good tbh. I wish that pic can disappear from the net before it gets spread further. Darn it.

    • tangerine_24 said:

      LMAO..then let them think whatever they want..2ne1 being feisty, fierce and playful on stage are accepted everywhere..are you a new fan? 🙂

    • Theyseemetrollintheyhatin said:

      I don’t get it. Why are you worried? Dear, Dara is a performer. Let them think whatever they want because at they end of the day they are the ones who misunderstand the photos. Anyway, Dara is amazing.

  4. i was thinking earlier that since today is their last concert of the year dara should kiss on the lips.. and voila hahaha.. though it’s really not the lips.. but it kinda looks like it..

  5. OMG! The kiss! I was shocked when i saw it first. Keke.

  6. the 1st pic: Cute Park sisters_<
    Luv the 5th pic<33 2NE1 HWAITING<33

  7. Ahwww Dara. Such a cry baby.. I’m getting teary eyed too but I hope there’s more concert to come. Dara-yahh, stop crying.. You’re making us cry too.. We love you.. You’ve worked hard so just enjoy performing.. 2ne1 fighting! 🙂

  8. kimchininja said:

    If they made a lot of money, surely YG will make them do another world tour once they get enough new songs. I hope they produce a lot of good songs so they can do that.

    But I’m curious… how well did the concerts do?

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