Anything with 2NE1 is an experience I’d want to share. XD But it’s a great ad, and the girls are featured in it too! Wonder if the girls would get their own SingTel ad in the future? ^^

Amazing Experiences You’d Want to Share

Beyond just bringing you the fastest mobile 4G network in Singapore, it’s about bringing you amazing experiences that matter to you and that you’d want to share.


Comments on: "Video: 2NE1 Performance in Singapore Featured in SingTel’s “Amazing” Ad – Amazing Experiences You’d Want to Share" (1)

  1. Guys! if you have Facebook or Twitter account please help me spread this news.
    SM artists are currently on the lead on MAMA 2012.
    Blackjacks & VIP’s please don’t forget to vote for 2NE1, BIGBANG & OTHER YG ARTISTS ..they need your support!!! voting period will end on November 28, 2012 so please please vote vote vote!!!
    HOW TO VOTE? Just click this link, sign in/ join in, then vote! ( 1 vote per day )
    P.S: you can’t vote if you’re not a member, so be sure to create your own account on MNET.
    TNX! ^^,V

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