Weeee! And here’s the last proposal style! LMAO! I admit, I am impressed with his gall.. ^^ And oh Dara, why are you taking pics of him with his shirt up? XDDD



T/N: Like I explained in the past, 상남자 can be translated in many ways. It can mean “super, the best, award, prize, persistent, top” and other synonyms. I just went with “super” ^_^

Nikon’s third photo movie :D 
Three handsome men propose to Sandara through the Nikon 1 J2!
Which proposal style would Sandara choose?

Watch the bold proposal of Super Man!

Comments on: "Video: Nikon 1 J2 Photo Movie – Meet Super Man!" (14)

  1. i choose guy # 1!!!<3

  2. Funny and cute. I don’t think she intended to take pictures of him. I think she was so surprised to see him she accidentally pushed the button. LOL! I loved her reaction when it happened. He looks like the young chic boy type. Dara’s type. But thats just my opinion 🙂

  3. I like the 2nd guy..I dunno but it feels like they have “chemistry”!Oh yeahh!haha

  4. Now i choose first guy hhehehe. And dara is so funny hahaha

  5. WAAAA Dara dara..!!!!! so cute!! But my choice in 1st guy! FTW

  6. hmmm all 3 guys are so attractive in their own respective ways..it would really be hard to choose just one.. Candy man was so sweet & thoughtful, Sensual man was so bold & cute & Super man is so hot & charming.. Dara is definitely going to have a hard time choosing kekeke.. love all 3 guys this new CF from Nikon is just DAEBAK..love Dara’s look & her acting was so flawless she’s ready to star in her own rom-com series and the cfs are just AWESOME!

  7. qwertasdfg said:


  8. I like the first and the last guy!! Gahh!! Who to choose?!?!

  9. marimar101 said:

    like the 3rd guy, dara’s type of guy! he’s d one takng pictures..lol

  10. Hahahaha this is funny i love daras reaction bwahahaha. I can’t choose hahaha

  11. i like the second though.. but they’re all cuties… omg!… its hard to choose…

  12. all of 3 of them he is the cuties one but the other to are cute to but he is the cuties

  13. I can’t contain myself anymore… hahaha! First time ever to comment… although I really like the first guy!!!

  14. Wait…..!!! Let me freeze-frame that shot! What’s the phone number of that hottie again??? Oh I just remember, that phone number is only for Dara right?! Oh well… *long sigh* 😦

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