I love Flowsik’s voice! And the entire interview is just so worth listening to. He’s such a sincere and cool person. ^^ But we’ve outlined the parts where he mentions Dara. ^^ Thanks to everyone who tipped this in!

Love Sick For Flowsik 


Around 17:15

We all know you’re head over heels for Sandara from 2NE1, what will you do if she asks you for a date and where will you take her?

If Sandara asks me on a date, where would I take her to? Hmmm. Well, right now, we’re in Korea, and I still don’t know this place well. I’ll take her to Taipei, so my friends (he mentioned names) can take care of her for me. I’ll be like, hey Sandara, do you wanna go to Taipei? And she’ll be like, sure. Alright, alright. Then I’ll call Nicky right after, and I’ll be like, hey Nicky, could you take care of her for me? Nicky is a superstar out there, so there’ll be nothing to worry about. I’ll just ask him for a few favors and I’ll tell Jeff from Nachi, hey can you get the boat ready? Can you get the yacht ready?

Around 20:05

Interviewer: Actually, that’s cute. Instead of being smooth and slick, when guys are kinda nervous around you, it makes them seem more genuine, like they genuinely like you.

Flowsik: I hope Sandara thinks like that too. (laughs)

Rap part around23:35

Shoutout to all the young girls and the noonas, Sandara Park and last night, I dreamt of Kim Yoona.

Comments on: "Audio: Aziatix’s Flowsik Mentions Dara On “Love Sick For Flowsik”" (10)

  1. annebitious21 said:

    Wow! he’ll spend that much for a date? waah~~ he’s completely under Dara’s spell @.@ lol

  2. rapper/celebrity again?ugh….she NEED a real man with real job!!!sigh

  3. at the rap part after he mentioned dara…he said “i got the fire”

  4. guys is this the guy that dara kiss in new evolution concert day 2 the american one ??
    looks like him huh ..

  5. flowsick is very nice, God-fearing person, and a loyal fanboy too 🙂 . Hope dara hang out with him sometime. And I REALLY HOPE THEY CAN MEET UP OR GET TO KNOW EACHOTHER ATLEAST! ^^

  6. I loved this interview! Flowsik is so cute and funny and awesome. He really seems such a cool, laid-back and humble guy. ^^ And I love how time and again, he never fails to mention that he likes Dara. A very loyal fanboy right there! Go give him a kiss on the cheek, Dara-unnie! Kkk~ ^^ I’m still not giving up on that Dara-Flowsik/Aziatix collab I’ve been wishing for! 😀

  7. wow he’s really good! you are now officially my fave fanboy! lol. But kidding aside, I really hope he gets a chance to speak with Dara again in the near future. He just sounds so nice. Oh, and I hope he gets a platinum too! lol.

  8. I agree. I listened to the whole interview and he seemed like a really sincere person. Really humble, too. The mention at 20:05 was in reference to the “choking” incident at the airport in Singapore when he saw Sandara. : ) The rap was free flow! He was like picking words from a list! Wow!

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