YG Family leading the Hallyu Wave all around the world and France is no exception! ^_^

The coverage introduces Kpop, and also PSY’s soaring popularity after his MV was posted in Youtube, garnering more than 150 millions views. The reportage goes through the popularity of Kpop which has become a phenomenon in Asia, the USA and nowadays in Europe too especially in France. For PSY, a catchy dance and a zany MV have caught the attention of many. Every day, almost 3 million people watch his MV. Unlike the usual girl or boy groups that are young,  good looking and great dancers, PSY stands out by breaking all stereotypes in KPOP with his friendly physique and by making great music that calls out to everyone. He has become first on many online charts in the USA, Holland, Denmark and has without warning, taken over the music world.

Credit: Yoan THOMAS @ YouTube

Thanks @Ouley_Soleil for the translations!

Comments on: "Video: PSY, 2NE1 and BigBang featured in 1PM News-France 2 – Korean Pop" (1)

  1. wooow…EPIC!! love YG FAMILY LOVE 2NE1!!! yeeeey..

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