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Credit: @daraliciousx

Comments on: "Scans: 2NE1 and Dara in Teenage Magazine – Singapore (HQ)" (12)

  1. lovegdarapg said:

    They are so cool. But why Dara is just vocalist? They are group with four members & each member have unique voice colour. I mean dara has sweet & fresh voice,minzy has strong….So they are all main vocalists. I just mention my feeling.thanks a lot to oh Dara! I always know about my lovely Dara becoz of u.thanks!

  2. Dara reminds me so much of Ariel Lin: cute, pretty, bubbly image on screen but off stage, it’s the opposite, both claim they are introvert in real life. but i believe the public image they portray is also a glimpse of who they really are in real life, albeit the only ones who can see this side of their personality are their closest friends and loved ones – and both have the zodiac sign, kekeke, so am not surprised they have similar personality

  3. Hey guys i don’t know were to post this so i will just do it there^^ So Flowsik was asked were would he take Dara on a date and later mentioned Dara in freestyle rap he is really sweet >,< You should listen the whole interview because you can know him better^^ i'm really becoming a fan here xD

    • I really don’t like Flowsik for Dara 😦

    • awwwww at 17:20 part.. flowsik so cute!!! he’ll take dara to taipei taiwan since he has superstar friends there.. they can take care of everything for their date. he’ll take dara in a boat/yacht. wow so romantic!!
      and also he said the embarrassing moment he had infront of a girl is when he can’t talk to them and tends to be shy.. the host said it’s cute for guys to be like than be smooth and slick since it’s a genuine feeling of a guy towards the girl he likes… then flowsik said, “i hope sandara thinks like that too” LOL the mama 2011 incident!

      i hope flowsik and dara will meet soon. 🙂

    • Thank You Egliukas!!! LOVE FLOWSIK!!!! He’s definitely DARA’s No.1 Fanboy!!! Hope DARA will meet him or get introduced someday kekeke… He’s honest, passionate, genuinely sweet and love to make people happy!!! The way he Fanboys with DARA is just so JJANG!!!!!!! Weeeehhhhh!!!!! Thank you!!!

  4. chaera and bomzy’s on-stage image and real characters are interchange… LOL
    cl’s onstage is fierce, swag.. baddest female of seoul city BUT real life, she’s dara’s image.. cute, sweet and childish..
    dara’s onstage is cute one, bubbly, humurous and sweet BUT in real life, she’s cl’s image.. tough, strict, THE bad girl.. a petite girl owns and drives a range rover suv! prefers big cars than small cars.. LOL need i say more?
    bom’s onstage is sexy, girly and the hottie of the group BUT real life, she’s minzy’s image.. surprisingly a sporty girl who likes to try challenging things such as bungee jumping, scuba diving, jet skiing..
    minzy’s onstage is young, sexy and body which is healthy and made for sports BUT surprisingly in real life, she’s bom’s image.. as you can see on 2ne1tv and airportpics, she’s the most girly one of the members.. likes to wear heels, sexy skirts.. sexy aegyo girl indeed.

    chaera and bomzy are interchanging their inages off and oncam 🙂

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