How cute are the girls showing off their clothes and happily clapping their hands when food was brought in their waiting room? Scandal is an all-female Japanese pop rock band.

Credit: solfaman@YouTube

Comments on: "Video: 2NE1 and Scandal Backstage at MTV VMAJ 2012" (6)

  1. hahahaha..Dara expression is so cute when she saw the food excited clap her hand ^^

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  3. Shiela F. Irinco said:

    bias overload!

  4. Wasn’t I already watched this somewhere before… but I’ll assume that was a fancam/fan-upload vid via Youtube. And would this be the official video? (but just today?) maybe its a re-upload then??? >_<

  5. Victim of selective reading. When I read 2NE1 and the word “scandal” in the same sentence it almost gave me a heart attack T_T

  6. my 2 fave artists!!
    japan = Scandal
    s.korea = 2ne1

    scandal + 2ne1 = ❤

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