The concert sounded so much fun! ^^ I really wish I’d get to witness this tour live. T_T Congratulations to our girls, for a successful concert! ^_^

2NE1 Burns the House Down with Its Exclusive Concert

This group didn’t try to cover up anything with petty tricks. 2NE1 filled the 120 minutes solely with dance and song.

The 20,000 fans gathered for both days of the group’s performance promptly went crazy, holding up their light sticks and dancing in a frenzy.

2NE1 launched its global tour New Evolution, the first global tour for any girl group, with concerts held from July 28-29 in Seoul.

It was another chance for fans to witness the power of the group following its exclusive concert in Korea last year and its Japan Arena tour.

2NE1 didn’t ease into the festivities. As soon as the members appeared onstage they belted out the hits I Am the Best,Fire and Clap. They then pulled another pin with the words “Let’s go crazy,” and made the audience explode in excitement. The reggae version of I Don’t Care, performed on a golden sofa in the middle of the stage, added a shining moment to the concert.

The moving stage was controlled not with electronic devices, but manually by the male backup dancers, and the members made sure they put it to good use.

Their voices flowed more effortlessly with the support from the band session, which contained the bassist Divinity Roxx, former director of Beyonce’s world tour. Travis Payne, choreographer for Michael Jackson’s This is It and famed stage designer Michael Cotton perfected the performances.

Although there were no shocking stage effects or surprising guests, the stage still overflowed with the 2NE1 members’ talent, and female fans could also find something to be excited about as the male backup dancers often flashed their fit bodies.

The concert certainly managed to plant anticipation in the hearts of those global fans waiting for 2NE1’s concert to land in their countries.

2NE1’s global tour will continue through 10 cities in seven countries, including those in the Americas and Europe. The tour is helped on by Live Nation, which also participated in Big Bang’s world tour, and a star-studded staff.


Source: enewsworld

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  1. when you say world-class fashion style,music,performance, and concerts..IT IS DEFINITELY YG!!!

  2. 2NE1 The B.E.S.T.

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