2NE1 World Tour Opening Concerts Captivate 20,000 Fans!

Even in the scorching heat outside, 2NE1 sang their hearts out at their concert this weekend.

On July 28 and 29, 2NE1’s powerful energy filled the Seoul Olympic Stadium. 2NE1 is the first K-Pop girl group to have a global tour and their official opening concerts for “New Evolution” took place in Seoul. A total of 20,000 fans attended the concert and sang along to every single song.

The quality of the concert is incomparable especially because of the world famous staff that has prior experience working with top stars like Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Janet Jackson, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez. It is no wonder why fans all over the world have a strong attraction to the idol group 2NE1.

During their concert, 2NE1 appeared on stage and opened the concert with “I Am The Best” and heated up the crowd right from the beginning. Wearing colorful bright neon sweats, 2NE1 members appeared with wild hairstyles showed off powerful and sexy waves and dance moves. The crowd couldn’t help but get off their seats to dance along.

After heating up the crowd with “I Am The Best,” 2NE1 continued their performance with “Fire”, “Clap Your Hands”, “I Don’t Care” and “Don’t Stop The Music.” During their performance of “Fire,” world famous Divinity Roxx appeared with the band and delivered a shockingly impressive performance with the members of 2NE1.

In the middle of the performance, members of 2NE1 introduced themselves to the audience and stated, “Let’s seriously have fun tonight. It’ll be good since we’ll even lose weight. Let’s keep going without resting.”

For two complete hours, there wasn’t a boring moment. Since most of the songs were already well-known by the audience, the concert was like a huge party. 2NE1 performed, “I Love You”, “Follow Me”, “Pretty Boy”, “It Hurts”, “Lonely”, “In the Club”, “Stay Together”, “UGLY”, “Let’s Go Party”, “Hate You”, “Go Away”, “Can’t Nobody” as well as their other hit songs.

Throughout the concert, the members of 2NE1 appeared in a variety of outfits that made them, at times, look like cheerleaders, goddesses, or hip-hop princesses. They had everything from sexy to adorable.

During their solo performances, each member showed everything they got and provided the audience with a sight that can’t be seen anywhere else. Bom chose her solo single “You and I” while looking like a goddess in a long white silk dress. Bom’s voluminous body was outlined in the dress and revealed her hidden curves.

The largest factor that made the concert seem like a club was 2NE1 leader CL. With her charismatic voice, CL stated, “Let’s go crazy tonight” and shook up the audience. CL was even dj’ing on a propped stage and hyped up the audience. Minzy suddenly appeared next to CL and together they performed “Please Don’t Go” and created another mind-blowing performance. Both appeared in a red sports car wearing red basketball jerseys to compete.

Last but not least, Dara performed the song “Kiss” and created a sexy performance. Dara stated, “I’m actually a wild woman” and chose a male audience to bring on stage. Dara sang her song sitting on the fan’s lap and even gave him a kiss, making the fans go crazy.

At the concert of 2NE1, who knows how to party, there were the audience, who also knew how to party. Even before hours prior to the concert, fans began to arrive. Fans had various items from glow sticks to towels. When the lights went off for the concert, the glow sticks were shining brightly in the crowd. The most common sight was the 2NE1’s official glow stick shining in the audience. The rapid movement of the glow sticks clearly showed the excitement of the fans enjoying the concert.

Among 20,000 people in the crowd, fans from all over the world like Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Europe, North and South America were present. Even the foreign fans got extremely anxious waiting to see the members of 2NE1.

Source: Kpopstarz

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  1. I just want to watch it live.

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