OMG!!! HD photos are here!!! The concert looked so colorful especially with the girls’ clothes! They all looked so gorgeous!!! <333

Dara’s skirt is so short! LEGS ♥_♥

Luckiest fanboy ever!!! Dara, kiss me too!!! T_T


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Comments on: "Photos: Press Photos of 2NE1 at New Evolution Tour in Seoul (Day 1)" (10)

  1. Reblogged this on belikeit.

  2. I think in their next concert in Japan, all fanboys will wear white shirt..wahaaha

  3. I love those jackets!!(in the 6th pic) with their faces.

  4. wow dara! she’s hot!!!

  5. guys the first pic do u guys see they were the necklace

  6. omg i love it the cloth so beautiful amazing i wana see fancam so bad oh god i am goning to die for this

  7. OMG the stage its soo colorfull its s000 amazing i think the wh0le perf0rmance 0f the its s00 fantastic, fabulous perf0rmances and the outfit they wearing pretty clothes.. I want to see dara perf0rmance while she’s holding that guitar.. 2ne1 the queen 0f kpop…love yahhh muahhh…..

  8. OMG!:D Dara played the guitar! Kyaaaaa. Definitely wanna watch fancams of ALL their performances! The concert looks daebak!:D

  9. 2NE1 looks amazing!! JS did a good job with their costumes!

  10. lala011 said:

    i wonder whats the song where dara holding the guitar,,,!oh wait did she played guitar !?:O:O:kyaaa dara !

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