Day 2!!! New Evolution Concerts in Seoul ended today! The girls did a great job! They also looked absolutely gorgeous!!! Go 2NE1!!! Fighting on the world tour!!! ^_^

Seductive!!! Dara with the lucky fanboy for today! So jealous! T__T

Park Sisters!!! ^^

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Comments on: "Fan-Taken: 120729 2NE1 – Day 2 of “New Evolution” Concert Tour in Seoul" (21)

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  2. there should have been 3days ECon..:(
    so that the 3rd day, Sandara will kiss an idol or actor..hahahaha

  3. dara is so funny, wity, and unpredictable.. lol.. i love her so much! hahha! i can’t hide my crazy laugh while reading this.. superwinner! AND TO 2ne1 CONGRATS!!!

  4. you gUYS U KNOW I GO TO DARAGON AND THE NEW SAY THAT D-2 GD-TOP-YB go and when dara ask for fanboy to come up to stage and to raised there hand and they raised there hand up to u know

  5. So does this mean that in their every concert Dara will kiss one lucky fanboy??? Ohhh!!! World tour and she’ll kiss around the world! Dara should be named “The queen of Kisses in KPOP!” did those fanboys saved a country in their pass lives? They are soooooo lucky!!!!!

    • petitedara said:

      yeaah I just noticed that too. Different person in different day in each concert rite? wooow.

  6. nenmaroon said:

    wait… did she sat in his lap!? Super jelly!!! I’m fan girl though 😛 I’m waiting for a fan-account too

  7. nyc_emj15 said:

    she nailed it!!!! daebak!!! hoping for that fancam!!!!! anyone knows if the fanboys are cute?! =)

  8. don’t we want a dara fanboy fan account??? wish these guys will write something about their kiss experience. 😉

  9. waahh LUCKY Fanboy!!!!

  10. i bet this fanboy cant sleep tonight bcoz of the kiss haha!

  11. lala011 said:

    oh my gawd at their 2 days concert there was a two fanboys got kiss from dara.??!!!,,,what a lucky fanboys..! hahah…!

  12. did dara kissed another fanboy again?? ke ke

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