Sandara Park and B2ST Send Wreaths in Support of MBLAQ’s Concert

After successfully completing the first day of “THE BLAQ% TOUR” in Seoul, MBLAQ‘s agency J. Tuneshared the above photo and tweeted “Thank you to all the fans who attended and let’s have fun today also!”

The photo was of the congratulatory wreaths sent to MBLAQ for their concert and it looks likeThunder‘s very own big sister sister Sandara Park (Dara) and boy group B2ST sent in their wreaths.

Sandara’s wreath had a very affectionate message for her younger brother, “Chundoongah~ I love youuuuuuuu~”. Sandara also didn’t fail to take the opportunity to dub herself “The big sis who’s pretty even with her hair half shaved off”, referring to her new hairdo for 2NE1′s comeback.

Good luck to MBLAQ for a successful concert tour! Also to B2ST and 2NE1 for successful comebacks with ‘Midnight Sun‘ and ‘I Love You‘.


Source: Allkpop

Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "News: Sandara Park and B2ST Send Wreaths in Support of MBLAQ’s Concert" (4)

  1. OMG dees wreath is hideous..keke 🙂 ever supporting unnie 🙂

  2. Sweetie Dee is the best sister in kpop<33333 T.T

  3. very sweet,lovable and supportive noona to sanghyun.mblaq congrats!

  4. s00 sweett dara****

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