I am sooo excited already! D-6 to “New Evolution”!!!

어제 올림픽홀에서 엠블랙 콘서트 보고 나오던중 발견!!!투애니원 뉴에볼로션 콘서트~다음주엔 우리 콘서트네?!?+.+어제 공연보면서 작년 놀콘 생각이 많이 났어요 그때의 추억들도 새록새록..^_^ 올해는 체조경기장에서 좀 더 화려하고 뜨거운 무대로 확! 진화했으니~카몬!

After watching MBLAQ’s concert at the Olympic Hall yesterday, I discovered this while leaving!!! 2NE1 New Evolution Concert ~ Next week is our concert ?!? +.+ Watching the performances yesterday many thoughts of last years’ NOLCON came to mind, memories from that time little by little..^_^ This year from the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium, we bring a more colorful and hot stage! It’s an evolution so ~ Kamon!

Source: Dara’s me2day

Translated by: ygdragonheart@DGH

Comments on: "Me2Day: D-6 to “New Evolution” in Seoul!" (3)

  1. She includes Shinees add too. how nice..

  2. pommes21 said:


  3. it seemed like dara is getting close to shinee she didn’t mind including them. that’s really good. i love the thought that she’s opening up to other idols outside yg family. good luck on the concert dara best of luck and stay healthy

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