Wow! I swear the girls look absolutely gorgeous on this shoot! <333

I absolutely love this screen shot. Fierce Goddess!!!

Edited this with two screen caps combined! Fierce Dara!!! <333

Source: 1stLookTV

Thanks fairytaeil@tumblr

Comments on: "Video/Caps: 1st Look TV – NEW EVOLUTION 2NE1" (6)

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  2. petitedara said:

    Hi all, I want to ask, the 1st Look Concept for Dara is new relationship, right? Did they only have Dara and Thunder single shot for that concept? I already saw Bom’s and CL’s..

    • First Look hasn’t released Dara’s yet in their website. I am thinking that they will release it today. Two days ago they released CL and Minzy’s. Then they released Bom’s yesterday. I think today will be Dara. ^_^

  3. you’re all beautiful goodluck on your concert god bless you all saranghae

  4. ohh nice pic prettyboy dara your cute

  5. fierce prettyboy DARA

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