Awww! How cute are our Park Sisters? They look like boyfriend and girlfriend! Dara Oppa! Kekeke. I love at how Bommie looks so fondly at Dara and how she’s holding on to Dara’s waist! Best friends forever!

Thanks @kristinekwak

Comments on: "Photos: 120715 Cute Park Sisters Leaving SBS Inkigayo (Part 2)" (6)

  1. Kekeke. I ship cutie Bommie with our handsome Dara-oppa!
    *remembers shipping is not allowed*
    Kidding kidding! 😛 Love the Park Sisters!

  2. She’s so handsome!!ahahahaaha

  3. dara oppa is so handsome….i think i have a crush on him…i envy bom..her boyfriend dara oppa is so handsme..

  4. keke.. sweet park sisters 🙂

  5. mypreciousParkSisters….. :”3

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