Awww! Dara is forever cute! I think the kiiroitori that Dara is posing with came from our San Union Project! ^^ We gave Dara a whole basket full of kiiroitori. 


리다쿠마가 찍어준 사진! 나랑 외모도 성격도 완전 비슷한 삐약이와 함께!^_^ 알러뷰 뮤비 연꽃장면에 나온 비녀다라가 궁금훼?!? 그럼 담주 목욜 엠카보세용~ 한국의 미를 보여주겟엉!+.+ (19일날 폭풍떡밥 투척예정!!!)

Here is a photo taken by Leaderkuma!  I am with a baby chick that has similar appearances and personalities as mine!^_^ Curious about the lotus scene from the “I Love You” M/V?Then check out M! Countdown next Thursday!Will show you Korean beauty!+.+ (Also be ready for a hot rice cake dropping on the 19th!!!)

Here is the basket of kiiroitori we gave Dara for 2NE1’s Comeback stage in Inkigayo! ^^

These kiiroitoris were seen being brought by CL and a manager after Inkigayo! ^^


OMG So cute! Dadoong sleeping inside Dara’s bag? Keke! Lazy lazy cat! He’s always sleeping. XD

숙면다둥 최근근황!몇일전 천둥이와 스케줄이잇엇다.약속시간이 다가오는데 천둥에게 연락이왓다“다둥이가 내가방 침낭으로 쓰고잇어서가방못가져간다”결국 몸만딸랑온 천둥!ㅋ둥다라모습외 투애니원의 멋진모습들을 투애니원이 직접 에디터가 되어 만든 퍼스트룩에서 19일 공개합니다

Tags: 투애니원 에디터 되다! 퍼스트룩 투애니원 스페샬! 각 멤버별 직접 만든 자기만의 페이지들! 기대해주세요!

A recent photo of sleeping Dadoong! A few days ago, I had a chance to meet up with ChunDoong. As the promised time drew closer, Chundoong sent a message saying “Dadoong is using my bag as a bed so I can’t take it” and came with nothing but his body! ke Also you be on the lookout for the awesome pics of 2NE1 that were personally edited by us in Firstlook which will release on the 19th!

Tags: 2NE1 become editors! Firstlook 2NE1 special! Pages that were personally made by each member! Look for it!

Source: Dara’s me2day

Translated by: @GlobalBlackjack; ygdragonheart@DGH

Comments on: "Me2Day: Cutie Pie Dara Poses with a Kiiroitori and Uploads Photo of Sleeping Dadoong" (5)

  1. Doongie’s bag.

  2. “Dadoong is using my bag as a bed so I can’t take it” and came with nothing but his body! –
    wahahaaaha this made me Laugh out so so loud!

  3. omo! they’ll perform on M! countdown wearing the ones they wear on the lotus scene..gosh! excited.

  4. OMO! CL-roo bought that?! OMO may ChaeRa heart

    • knownlurker said:

      No! The one who bought those are Dara fansites. CL “brought” a couple of items with her from the ones given by Dara fansites. In short, she asked Dara if she can have some of the Kiiroitori stuff toys for herself.

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