Ohhh! 2NE1 poses with guitar genius Sungha Jung! Wow! Will we expect a collaboration anytime soon? I bet Dara is drooling over his guitar skills! ^_^ 

DARA AND SUNGHA JUNG HOLDING A GUITAR!!! I hope we see something from this! Waaaa!!!!

Is there a 2NE1 and Sungha Jung collaboration? Will they show it on YG On Air? Let’s all wait and see!

마지막 떡밥 예고~!!! 투애니원! 기타신동 정성하군 만나다!!! 작년에 론리 기타로 치는 영상을 보고 완젼 반했는데~ 실제로 보게되다니!!! 실제로 보니 더 좋자나!ㅠ.ㅠ감동~이번엔 어떤걸 보여줄까…!?! 정성하+투애니원.. 조만간 공개됩니다^___^기대하세용!

Tags: 참고로 전 기타를 치지 않았습니다 열심히 구경만 했습니다 ㅋㅋ

Last spoiler~! 2NE1 meets guitar genius Jung SungHwa!! We were so impressed by his Lonely guitar cover last year!! It’s even better to see him face to face! What will he show us this time~ +.+ Wait for 2NE1 + Jung SungHwa!!

Tags: For your information, I didn’t play guitar, I just watched! ke ke

To those who are not familiar with Sungha Jung, check out his videos below:

You can see more videos in his YouTube channel! ^^

Source: Dara’s me2day + jwcfree@YouTube

Translated by: @21SODA/@OMG_SODA

Comments on: "Me2Day: 2NE1 with Guitar Prodigy Sungha Jung!" (15)

  1. waahhh I WISH there will be a DUO between sung and DARA.. please!

  2. finalfantasyqueen said:

    Sungha Jung your so cute!!! i hope u and Dara unnie will have a collab soon it would be nice t o see u both playing guitar… Another Yg family member hehehe…

  3. hahahahahah 3 girls and 2 boys… lol
    Dara looks like one of the boys… but still utterly gorgeous

  4. xoxojulietx said:

    its funny how dara and sungha jung look the same age

  5. ladywhistledown said:

    I can see that Dara was holding his guitar with the “lakewood” inscription on it, now I’m wondering if what he was holding is Dara’s guitar, he’s so lucky, I’m envious ((*^-^*))

  6. I hope he’d sign with YG Entertainment!

  7. egliukas said:

    i smell live performance with guitar maybe ^^

  8. OMG O.O Sunghaaa! waah! he’s one of my yt crush! waah! after I watched his lonely cover I really hoped 2ne1 would watch him & have a collab & it seems so close to reality now..waah! a collab with Dara on the evolution concert pls! ^.^

  9. I was also wishing before that someday 2ne1 or dara and sungha jung will meet and it really came true!! WWWAAAAHH!! :))))))))))))))))))) XDXD

  10. how old is he?????

    • 16 🙂

      • yup..only 16 but oh so famous already..if you are a guitar amateur(like me) or a pro already..you would know this kid..he’s had tours already & a prodigy on his own ^.^

  11. OHMYGOOOSSHH!!!!! Sungha Jung with 2ne1!!!!!!!!!! MY DREAM CAME TRUE!!!

  12. I wonder what happened between dara and sungha! 😛 kekeke

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