A month (?) ago, we shared a photo of Dara with bangs wearing a pink princess outfit! We speculated that it was for a new Etude CF. Earlier today, new photos were released of Dara and SHINee from Etude Staff facebook accounts. It looks like Dara and SHINee will yet again appear in a new Etude CF and the concept will be Barbie and Ken? This is going to be so adorable!

Presenting DARBIE!

 “The filming set guard Dara”

Click the link below for more photos!


If yesterday we saw Onew, today, we have Minho! ^^

 “This ad is going to be daebak!! The monitor is being closely watched by Joo-nim, daebak!”

Thank you ninja @_xandie for the photos! + Lee Hyosup Facebook Page + @WeLoveDara

Comments on: "Photos: Dara and SHINee to Appear in New Etude CF with Barbie and Ken Concept?!" (17)

  1. I love sandara park so much

  2. I `m fanatic of Barbie! i meet my first doll at or from my 6 years old! Meanwhile, my young girl plays with my nice Barbie!. I´m tuned too with news about her from Barbie news. Thanks!

  3. Oh my! Dara the Barbie is just awesome! She’s looks sooooo lovely! And I see Onew! I’m guessing he will be Ken, then? This will make up for him not being present in the Kiss Note series. Kkkk~ Barbie Dara & Ken Onew FTW! Can’t wait to see this CF! So excited! ^_____^

  4. Loversinparis said:

    umm why kens hands inside barbies tubtop??? i hope that doesn happen in the CF LOL!….but seeing the photo of Onew i bet he will be ken?? i dont know but i cant wait till it released!!!.

  5. Who will be Darbie’s Ken??oh my gosh! excited for this promotion..

  6. What the? Why is ken’s hand inside barbie’s blouse???!!!

  7. Reblogged this on belikeit.

  8. BArbie concept is too die for.. we will see another SOFT GODDESS side of DARa ❤ cant wait DARA=BARBIE, MINHO=KEN.. wahaha! that will be jjang 🙂

  9. Dara is sooo pretty!!! OMG i cant wait!! So excited

  10. I’m okay with Barbie concept but I hope they won’t do anything cartoonish or something like what they did to the Dara standee.

  11. lovelove said:

    omo can not weait dara look so pretty

  12. i wish ” ren ” will be someone else not shinee so that it can be very glamouring

  13. Dara looks gorgeous as always, but I have to resist the Barbie concept. It’s just adding more fire into the already-unhealthy obsession with flawless looks and plastic surgery in Korea. Dressing Dara up like a Barbie is understandable, but Photoshopping and deforming her slim (albeit healthy) body is crossing the line. What’s wrong with embracing our humanness?

  14. “…The monitor is being closely watched by Joo-nim, daebak!”

    i looked at the monitor.. but he’s on facebook LOL >__<

    Pretty Dar-Bie

  15. i like the guard dara haha ….i still wonder of etude reaction of dara bansak hairstyle

  16. hyuwhieyl said:


  17. OMG I miss Shinee Dara collab CAN’T WAIT

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