Woot! Dara, Bom and CL chatted with some lucky Blackjacks today! Unfortunately, Minzy could join the other girls today because of the recent happenings. But as Dara said, she will always be with them, in their and our hearts. <333

Kekeke! The three girls look so serious while doing the live chat. ^^

Fan: Who’s parrot was that? Bom: Some trainer of someone we don’t know.

Fan: CL noona, do you like hip hop? CL: Yes

Fan: Do you have a boyfriend? Dara: No I told you already!

Fan: Bom I think you would have one. Bom: I don’t — Introduce me to one.

Bom: My ideal type is someone who does their work well. Dara: Bom and I can date. We just aren’t dating.

Dara: I like Won Bin oppa

Bom: We are laughing like crazy right now ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

CL: We ate ramen in France.

Fan: Invite Won Bin to the concert! Dara: Oh! Invite him for me! I’ll give you tickets!

CL: Our dorm is in Sangsu

Fan: Bom do you still like corn? Bom: Yes. I like it. Dara: I like it too.

Fan: I’m a Bom fan. CL: I guess there’s no CL fans here. Dara: What the heck ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

“Santokki”: I’m a CL fan. CL: No you’re a Dara fan!

Fan: What do you think about Lee Hayi? Bom: Lee Hayi is cute.

Dara: The fact that we are doing a global tour is like a dream.

Fan: Dara why did you shave half your head? Bom: The reason is.. because it looks cool.

Fan: What do you think about the clothes Jeremy Scott is making for you guys? CL: I like it. We talk everyday.

Fan: Do you use Kakaotalk? Dara: I use line CL: Line me too

Fan: Whats the best thing for your throat? Bom: Sleeping is the best.

Dara: We’re sitting in the order of Chaerin, Dara, Bom Fan: Where is Minji? Dara: In our hearts

Fan: Who is featuring in your concert? CL: Secret Bom: Secreeeettt Dara: You are the guests!

Fan: CL do you always dress sexily? Bom: Yeah her in everyday life is sexy. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Fan: Who speaks the best English? Bom: We’re all good

CL: I want to visit Africa

Fan: What is your diet? CL: I eat what I want to eat.

Fan: Favorite foods? Bom: Watermelon Dara: Chicken

Dara: Jjangmae’s going to bring us food soon. with Yeoreum Bom: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ My Yeoreum

Bom: I live for you guys ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋI will work hard. Dara: Yes ㅋㅋ I love you

Photo Credit: @ilove2NE1girls; Translations by: @kristinekwak

More below! ^^

Fan: Dara-nim,dont you have aegyo?

Dara: I don’t have aegyoㅜ

CL: She has a lot of aegyo

Fan: Park Bom noona, lets do bungee jumping together!

Fan: Me too!

Bom: Shall we?

Fan: I wanna go to official Blackjack

CL: Go

Dara: Blackjack 3 is done, come to Blackjack 4ㅋㅋㅋ

Fan: How can CL unnie be so good in rapping, singing and even speaking foreign languages..

CL: Thank you

Fan: How can CL unnie be so good in rapping, singing and even speaking foreign languages..

CL: Thank you

Comments on: "Photo/Translations: 120711 Me2Day Star Chat with 2NE1" (15)

  1. travis white said:

    hi bommie love u

  2. what happened to minji really why she wasn’t able to attend the chat session with them?

  3. BOm was like whaaaat??! you don’t like Yeoreum? but they were both talking about something else, yeoreum as a dog and yeoreum as summer season

  4. Has nobody noticed how CL seems to be so random? Like just stating ”we ate ramen in france” or ” our dorm is in sangsu”?? … And nobody asked her that…!! LOL.That’s why in her me2, DARa said how CL doesn’t see to know what everyone is talking about… LOL. How exciting is this chat?? Lucky fans!!

  5. theiansako said:

    YEAH Dara is such a sweetheart, actually 2ne1 is..

    i love them, even if my Bias is Dara I love the three same as I love Dara

  6. this is cute,,,,,superb…lol…they are funny answering those questions….wishing to hav echat on them to

  7. Can someone bring the News to Dara the passing of “Dolphy”. I know she loves him too….

    • silentbj said:

      am sure she’s already informed. she still has lots of friends here in showbiz. am sure they told her na

  8. Lucyp3arL said:

    I liked Dara’s comment when the fan asked dara to invite Won Bin to their concert…If I were that lucky fan..I’ll take the dare and asked Won bin for Dara so I can go to the concert for free ehhehehe

  9. Fan: Where is Minji? Dara: In our hearts

    Aww. Sweeeet Dara and 2NE1 =”>♥

  10. lovelove said:

    i can not weait who will featuring in 2ne1 concert

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