Oh wow! ^_^ Now we can really really really see her undercut! She looks half handsome half pretty! ^^

/standing ovation to brave Dara!!!

SHE LOOKS GORGEOUS!!! Half handsome, half beautiful!!!

A short fanaccount from Littlestone, who got to talk to Dara a bit when she asked for an autograph:

Littlestone: Dara-ya, did you cry when they shaved your head?

Dara: He he.. 

Littlestone: We were really surprised! Dara-ya is so fashionable and chic! 

Dara: He he..

Littlestone: When will the album be out? 

Dara: I don’t know yet. He he!

/Littlestone said that Dara kept on laughing cutely and smiling to them. ^__^ Our cute goddess forever! ❤

Note: Guys, we love and welcome all shippers! Any and all Dara fans are welcomed in OhDara! And you guys know that we love you but please… Respect our rules aight? And lets talk about how super awesome Dara looks in her hair!

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  1. silent_star45 said:

    Guys, please don’t be hard on ohdara/wld admin. There is a reason why they implemented such rules ❤ ❤ ❤ Being a daraling, it help me a lot to be more understanding to people and be more broad minded. Sometimes guys we must take time to step back and see the broader picture on things :))

  2. paperscissors said:

    LOL. why is it if it’s dara-gd, you guys are very strict. but if it comes to another celebrity, it’s ok. eg park tae hwan, taeyang, etc. just sayin.

    • Because those posts were mostly about Park Tae Hwan declaring how much he likes Dara. Now spazz comments were allowed for that because that was the context of the post. We are not very strict. We have never been strict. But again and again and again our rules have been broken and we allowed it. Just because we are implementing it now doesn’t mean we are strict. Everyone is welcome here. Ask anyone who has always been here how much spazzing they have done over their ships. Just because we say it now doesn’t mean we are strict. Just make the posts relevant.

  3. Im sorry admin,im just pissed pls.delete my comment…im just pissed…

  4. What’s wrong with GD? Why are u against him? Comment is still a comment..dont be rude admin,i never knew oh dara admin is very rude…dont be like that we love dara and if they wnts them to pair with GD,they are their opinion!!! Im so pissed….

    • There is absolutely nothing wrong with GD. We love GD. We respect him as an artist. We admire him. I have spent countless trips to everywhere just cheering for BigBang and GD. And we are not rude. OhDara only has 3 rules. One of them is to tone down spazzing of ships. Most of the posts have been about Dara looking like GD or Daragon. We respect all ships. In fact, all ships are welcomed for as long as spazzing is kept to a minimum.

      I am offended that you think we are rude. You clearly do not know us enough to make that assumption.

  5. Now… Im …ah.. ok…DARA still cute and pretty,starting to like it,hope they keep it this way… D..style…G.. style…ok…la..la..la…I LOVE DARA shes special to me…as long as they dont put MEAT on DARA s head or Mini Electric fan …FINE…we all know how crazy YG stylist are…when it comes to our DARA….cant wait till JULY 5…hope YG gave DARA more lines to sing…not just to say the word I LOVE YOU at the end of the song…or repeatedly say it…if it happens maybe… We all shave our head too…Im tired of what to expect next…

    • Frankly speaking, I was shocked when i saw this picture, even many fans said Dara looked cool , fierce , baddest or blah blah blah … but i just feel sad about her new hairstyle !! when YG announced the date of new MV released,i always hope, hope Dara could get more performance in new songs! So the sacrifice of Dara (shaving her hair ) won’t be wasted !!! I really don’t want YG just giving Dara a ” new appearance ” only, but then still has the less lines == That is why the idiot haters keep on bashing that : YG stylist always give Dara the drastical hairstyle to cover the fact that Dara is weakest link in 2NE1. It is really irritating !!!

  6. ilovedara said:

    am i the only one who keeps on staring at her for about 5 (or more) mins from her chin.. up to the tip of her beanie????…hehehe

    raise your feet..if u do…hahaha…


  7. mybabysav47 said:

    half cheundoong..half dara..hehehe!..luv both of them.<3

  8. miss_paisley said:

    Dara, you better get ready for additional fanboys and errr… girls turned lesbos just now. You’re seriously taking the world on with this androginous look!

  9. lawrence said:

    Dara look like GD swear

  10. egliukas said:

    My heart beats more faster these days when i look at Dara >,< She's so cool and stunning, can't take my eyes from her !!! can't wait for 2ne1 comeback <333

  11. faith19 said:

    androgynous comes to mind.
    handsomely beautiful…
    can’t get enuf of her….

  12. Her beauty is beyond words. I can’t stop looking at her pics. She can play a dual role in drama/movie (pretty and handsome Dara) I really hope YG will let her act someday.

  13. ok even if my jet black hair with red lipstick wasn’t fulfilled I’m glad that she has straight hair in here 🙂

    • omg…. dara with that haircut+messy jet black hair+dark eye makeup or super red lipstick= omg. i dont even know how much fanboys will pop out from nowhere and confessing xD lol.. my imagination xD

  14. I’d no doubt that Dara could pull it off, but SHE SERIOUSLY PULLED IT OFF. Gorgeous girl.

  15. OMG She look so pretty! I’m having a girl crush on her right now. @_@ I hope she gain a lot of fanboys. I’ve seen lots of her picture that I find very pretty and charming but this is the only one that I keep looking back and forth. I’m okay now with the hair I jus hope they put her with clothes that match her hair on their comeback.

  16. DARA UNNIE-OPPA!!! I love you!!! I’m in love with her hair!! I want to cut my hair like that also but unfortunately I can’t do that… excited for the comeback..

  17. Reblogged this on belikeit and commented:
    Dara looks like …….. thunder , kekekekeke 😛

  18. She’s sooooooooo pretty!!! I love everything about her!! 🙂

  19. in my opinion i think that he he means she is sad .. i know dara did that 2 in the phil when she is sad she just smile and say nothing i can feel her sadness but she needs to look strong so peolple wont pity her .

    • knownlurker said:

      Hehehe sometimes we overthink too much. Dara is painfully shy even to her fans. At the end of the day, only Dara knows what she’s feeling. Whether she’s sad or happy only she will know it. Let’s just be happy that she is brave enough to be bold and she got out from her comfort zone and challenge herself. I never thought my respect for her can go higher but it did and she’s now even more beautiful in my eyes. Let us stop overthinking. Plus, Dara is rocking that look LIKE A BOSS.

  20. luvsushi said:

    she looks really, really pretty in the first pic. but in the second pic she reminds me of somebody…..her loyal fanboy, Kevin U-KISS! teehee!

    • luvsushi said:

      nope, not the second one…now it becomes the thrid pic – the one with dara signing her own hand fan 🙂

  21. Me encanta el pelo de dara, su sonrisa, todo de ella! Quero llevar el pelo igual que dará, pero En me trabajo no si puede… Te amo dara para seimpre! ^_^

  22. she absolutely ROCKs this style.. dang GIRL get it… she totally surprised me.. SPEECHLESS

  23. she looks absolutely stunning especially in the first pic! I just can’t believe how she’s constantly evolving……the shaved head is no joke…..our strong and brave Dara ❤

  24. dara_syr said:

    hahah reading the fanaccount of littlestone :)))) hahahha why dara only responses : ” hehe”???? she should say something else …
    so handsome. im dying

  25. Pretty Boy Dara..ahaha

  26. Hehehe, i’m wishing she’ll have more boyish haircuts in the future. I’m sure she will look very handsome. Much more handsome than thunder. I can now imagine lots of girls fangirling over her. Lol! 😀

  27. Reblogged this on edherei.

  28. omo!!! goddess Dee looks handsome with that undercut.. *flip open phone* I better call my friends about this. They would surely be thrilled!!! Gaaahhh!!! Dara-yah SARANGHAE! 😀

  29. petitedara said:

    I can’t wait to see 2ne1’s stage on July 5th!!!! and I bet even idols at that day will worship her!

  30. Dara is a hot chick

    • knownlurker said:

      Jive? What do you think of Dara’s appeal now to men? Would men dig this look?

      • Can’t really say but you can expect punks and juggalos to be her new fanboys ^_^ 

    BEAUTIFUL X1000000000000000000000000000000000000

  32. omo! this hair style suits her the most! SWAG!!!!..i hope the stylist will not let her wear any baggy stuff…

  33. SHE LOOKS SO AWESOME! This is the best look for her for me. XD

  34. am at work right now… but can’t do any work… just keep on staring dara on my computer… i won’t blame my boss if he’ll fire me… hehehehehe…

  35. sooooo fiercely stunning…cnt breath..
    p.s.im a jaejoong dara shipper..but i didnt knw its not allwed to spazz shipprz hir..soriii i skip d rulezzz.

  36. im loving the air effect on dara’s hair in the first pic xD her airport pictures are more of like magazine photoshoots xD

  37. mybaby020510 said:

    Aaawww.. She is absolutely the HANDSOME GORGEOUS girl I have ever seen in my entire life.. damn! How can this be so unfair.. I can never ever sport that kind of hair with such swag..

    Dara must have broken some men’s heart for rockin’ that hair perfectly.. We know that not all men can have that kind of hairstyle…

    Ah… Dara, Dara, Bright Dara.. kekekekeke


  39. What’s the initial on Dara’s tuque/beanie? Is it “CL”?

  40. tangerine_24 said:

    And my ovaries go KKKAAABOOOMMM for the 2nd time around today. This girl is born fabulous!!!!

  41. oh my goooddd…she’s too beautifull !!!!

  42. Dara yaaaaahhhh my handsome gurl, you look..look look..aiyoh I’m speechless actually..this girl leaving me lost words aigooo aigoooo..

    lol at the admins post kkkkk

  43. daralove01 said:

    lets see f there’s someone in kpop girl group dare to try diz kind of hairstyle !!haha..
    i guess no one!! yay! at half handsome and half beautiful…KEEKE

  44. She totally rocked that undercut! She looks absolutely gorgeous in anything! How could you not love her?

  45. can’t say anything… im loss of words….

  46. #PRETTYboyDARA showing off her beautiful shaved hair..keke!

  47. hahaha..lets bang our heads together!!! i really love daras new hair!!!!

  48. I’m in absolute love with her hair!!! It looks HOT!

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