Sandara Park Mentioned In The Article About “The Power Of Idol Fashion”

According to this article, the keywords “G-Dragon Airport Fashion” and “Sandara Park Style,” are the most commonly used in online keyword rankings. Shipping aside (and please keep shipping comments off the comment section please. ^^), I am really happy that Dara’s fashion is really being shown interest by the public. ^^ Notice that the keyword is “Sandara Park style,” meaning that they are interested in all aspects of her style. ^^

In addition, it says that public, especially the young people and teens, are greaty interested in the fashion of idols. Their interest in music have expanded to the clothes and accessories that their idols in the music industry wear. In fact, idol stars influence the fashion industry.



Source: Nate

Rough Translations By: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "News: Sandara Park Mentioned In The Article About “The Power Of Idol Fashion”" (14)

  1. i love dara’s airport fashion…simple cool and gorgeous

  2. Even when it comes to fashion, the YG Family’s style comes out on top.

  3. So, would you still want to kill their stylist??aahahaha
    One of the why I love 2ne1, their fashion, and yeah baby it is evolving.

  4. dara.. such a newsmaker and headturner as always

  5. miss_paisley said:

    Two thumbs way up to their stylist but I think Dara has her personal style, you can see it in her during rehearsals, at the airport and some guestings. This lady’s got class! Although she’s tried some gaudy fashion, you can sense serene elegance in her. I bet she even prefers her nails trimmed and bare.

  6. Reblogged this on chriszlchye and commented:
    DARA is a Fashionista, she’s a trendsetter…

  7. finalfantasyqueen said:

    The B.E.S.T. Dara Unnie………..

  8. xandeelicious said:

    I love love love Dara’s style! Sometimes, stylists would let her wear weird pieces of clothing but dang, she ROCKS IT HARDCORE! I’m in love with her personal style as well. She’s one of my fashion icons. ❤

  9. LOL i dont want to ship.. but this two really match u know

  10. egliukas said:

    omg so much love for Dara these days and 2ne1 didn’t even started promotions ! their comeback will be explosion >,<

  11. ilovessantokki said:

    Dara really has grown into her own as a fashionista and, in my eyes, nobody does casual chic with a tomboyish edge like she can. And she always looks so gorgeous doing it! Dara, fighting!! You never faily to impress, babygirl.

  12. kimchAN said:


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