Our girls are looking fierce! ^_^ I guess they will be all decked out in Jeremy Scott for their New Evolution tour! Loving this outfit on Dara, I just hope they cut the length short but its still beautiful nontheless! ^_^ I have a feeling that this concert will be fun and quirky with just a touch of sexy! Perfect!

Bonus: G-Market 

Source: YG-Life + @kristinekwak

Comments on: "Official: YG Life – “2NE1 Global Tour – New Evolution” Concert Poster" (23)

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  3. wow new trend of fashion:-) they are unique that why they are famous.

  4. Dear Adm.
    Thank you for deleting my comment ¬¬ good to know we cant be true to each other here. And this is what we get for visiting oh dara everyday. Well, not anymore. And before i leave let me say the key word again: photoshop! Now you can delete me again and for good.

  5. lovelove said:

    i love it

  6. Ok guys! Can you please calm down.. ^_^ There will always be comments and conflicting opinions in every forum. Just because their comment doesn’t conform with your doesn’t mean that they are directly hating. At the same time, can you guys please tone it down a little? We really want OhDara to be a place where we can show love for our idol and a site where positivity is the main goal.

    Of course, we still welcome all your opinions because if not here, where else can we give our opinions regarding things we love and not love? But still, there are always ways where we can phrase our comments to not make it offensive to others.

    Thanks Daralings! ^_^ Spread Dara love!

  7. I have a feeling that with this comeback a lot of love and unfortunately hate is gonna pour in T_T. Since all I want is to enjoy 2NE1 and whatever music they dish out, I’m gonna stop myself from reading comments from people in AKP and Youtube and anywhere else for that matter(might as well stop myself from visiting AKP). As they say ignorance is bliss. At the end of the day even God has antis. My motto: EYES ON 2NE1 AND NOTHING ELSE MATTERS…

  8. SarangDara said:

    DARA IS DARA. She can have the weirdest hairstyle in the universe but she’ll always still be DARA. Her outrageous (in a good way) style defines her and THAT’S what makes her very UNIQUE. She never fails to surprise us every comeback and that makes 2NE1 different from other group. 🙂

  9. kathypufi said:

    Dara borrowed GD’s hair keke! ^^ she still can pull it off..I just wish she’ll wear something sexier 🙂 can’t wait for the teaser 🙂 so this promotion would be more different…

  10. PEOPLE.. when will you realize that Dara would always have a weird hairstyle when it comes to promoting their albums.. From the very beginning, she was known to have weird hairstyle.. I think its a compliment cause she IS THE ONLY KPOP STAR WHO COULD PULL IT OF.. and it matches her personality…

    PLUS IF YOU ALL WANT TO SEE HER HAVE NORMAL HAIRSTYLE… just keep following her in ETUDE and in Fashion Magazines spreads…

    I think that IS their plan to surprise us every now and then with her normal hairstyle.. to let us appreciate how beautiful she really is..

    plus if she has normal hairstyle during promotions of an album.. she would just be typically compared to pretty kpop girl groups.. that’s why 2NE1 is different cause they are not afraid of trying outrageous styles and pushing boundaries… JUST LOVE and DONT HATE..
    Keep positive vibes so that they would have a successful comeback..
    2NE1 Fighting! Dara Fighting!

  11. finalfantasyqueen said:

    Dara unnie is still perfect……!!!! she knows how to look sexy and fierce in every photo shoot that they make.

  12. lala011 said:

    here they’ are again look at DARA THING in her hair ! why dont just let them dara’s hair to be look so normal. like the other member. are they making dara looks ugly while the others looks pretty ? !:-<oh my gosh i know dara can pull it off but seriously (sgh) !!

  13. cezcaa21 said:


    i could only sigh…. -o-
    i know they could pull it off but…… i wish they would still look decent despite all this costumes…. -__- *sigh*

    i still hope 2ne1’s concert would be successful!! ^^ just keep believin^^

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