Before anything else.. Can I just comment how cute and adorable Dara is jumping like that, with her pigtails flying? ^_________^ Cute, cute, cute Dara-ya! ^^

So this is the third Pink Play Concert. And this would be the third year where 2NE1 would be performing! I wonder if Dara and SHINee could get to perform together? XD I’m going to die happy if they do. Kekeke!

The concert would be held at the Olympic Hall (where YG Fam con was held last year), and would also feature INFINITE, Busker Busker, and other artists, aside from SHINee and 2NE1. ^__^

Japanese fans can join in and they can get the chance to watch the concert when they buy 5000 yen worth of Etude Products, it will serve as their entry to the raffle to see the concert. ^^


Source: EtudeJapan Twitter

Rough Translations and Re-uploaded by: BlackjackBelle and Nao@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "Photo: Dara And SHINee For Etude’s Pink Play Concert 3 Poster!" (11)

  1. Reblogged this on edherei.

  2. daragonlove said:

    i want dara to cover the saturday afternoon song…love it so much..

  3. I really love that poster<3333 Vampire Dee+ Prince Shinee<33

  4. watermelon said:

    how can people buy tickets for this?

    • last year the tickets weren’t for sale it was part of a promotion done by etude where you buy something at etude at the said amount and certain period of time and then in return you get a chance to get the concert ticket. I was lucky last year that i met some OMG and WLD admins that they were able to get me and my friend at the concert. It was a blast! 2ne1 and the crowd were daebak!

      • watermelon said:

        oh your so lucky! im going to korea for the first time this summer and ill be there around this time. i have no idea how people are able to go to fan meetings, concerts, and things like that for celebrities :/

        • Well you can start by joining some of the wonderful 2ne1 fansite around to make friends and see what help they can offer that’s how i did it. I can also share you some tips on how to fangirl in korea. I was so lucky and thankful for the people who helped me experienced a wonderful fangirl adventure last year that i’m glad to pay it forward!

          • watermelon said:

            awww that’s so nice of you! i would love some tips. i feel like this is my one opportunity to go to korea so I want to make the most of it. have you been able to go to a lot of music shows and other events? 🙂

            • oh no im not an expert in fangirling keke, last year was my very first time to fangirl ever kekeke so i tried to experience a lot of it while i was out there luckily ive met people who were nice to share their fangirling ways keke Are you going to watch the nolza concert? that would be the best placed to meet some nice international and korean fans?

  5. when exactly???

  6. egliukas said:

    i want 2ne1 and Shinee collaboration ! ❤

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