Yey! Did you guys like the MV? The girls look like Goddesses right? So here are HD caps for us to bask in the girls’ gorgeousness throughout the MV! ^_^

Comments on: "Screencaps: HD Caps of 2NE1’s Be Mine MV for Intel “Make Thumb Noise” Project" (6)

  1. Hi ^.^
    Any way you could add these to a zip folder and make a download link available? It would make it much easier to save all these great screencaps in one go ^^
    Thank you x

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  3. well although she had a short part, she still manage to sing VERY WELL 😀 love u DARA.. “all I wanna do is be with you”.. hihih

  4. agree, Why dara only have 2 line?? that;s make me dissapointed to this song.. but she’s really beautiful.. looks like they showed dara’s beauty more than her voice.. I hope in 2ne1 album she got more part!

  5. i like 2ne1 but dara should have more parts in a song. for goodness sake! let dara be in a drama if she won’t even have a min in a song what is the point

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