Kekeke! So cute! I think the boys were suppose to choose who they want to team up with. When Lee Joon mentioned Dara being Thunder’s noona, everybody wanted to be paired with him! LMAO! Adorbs! ^_^

Check out Joon mentioning Dara @1:28!

Credit: todnxnlrla@Youtube

Comments on: "Video: Dara Mentioned at MBLAQ’s MyDol Episode" (10)

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  2. kissyvee said:

    just by the mere mention of Dara, kekeke..fanboys alert! 😛
    Who can resist our Goddess’ charm really? 😛

  3. hahaha..lee joon..seriously…he’s such a fanboy…i wonder if he thinks of dara everytime..hahaha

  4. Missy musni said:

    New. Dara fanboy??

  5. mybabysav47 said:

    yeah new group..the’re cuties.but mblaq are hotties!i watch this episode but no eng.sub.but still very funny mblaq are hilarious!they did mention noona dara.and i think their leader like our goddess!the one that came in the front first!hehehe!

  6. By the way, who are these guys? Vixx?? Are they new? I know Mblaq of course.

  7. Haha they’re so cute.. I wonder what the guy said ’bout his dara sunbaenim???

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